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Child's Dinosaur Gifts

Updated on November 20, 2011

The thing about Dinosaur gifts is they never go out of style. I liked dinosaurs as a kid, and my son currently likes the sharp teeth critters. Dinosaurs have been a source of fascination for the young and the old. Not wonder they make such wonderful Dinosaur toys. They are many variations of the Dinosaur Toy. Here in this hub are dinosaurs from Dinosaur Train, Dino Dan and Playskool as well as many others.

Playskool makes some great dinosaurs for the little ones! Kota My Triceratops dinosaur is perfect to ride on! The triceratops stands over 3 feet tall. It responds to your voice and touch with a roar. It has realistic sounds such as laughing and roaring. He has facial movements and his tail does move. This dinosaur has a music mode. Just have your little one bounce on his back to to trigger four different songs! Tickle his chin or belly to make him laugh! If you put the felt leaf that come with him in his mouth he makes a munching sound. Customers really like Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur. Parents state they can barely find anything wrong with this toy!

Playskool Kota and Pals Monty T Rex walks and moves his arms.  He sniffs and sneezes.  Monty also roars and purrs.  This dinosaur is snuggly even for a T Rex.  He stomps when he walks.  There are a set of six senors on his back that react when your child pets him.  There are many customer reviews on this dinosaur. They state is holds up well and is well made. Parents state they love Monty Rex! 

Land Before Time

 My Little One to this day still loves the Land Before Time Characters.  Each dinosaur has a distinctly different personality.  The stores are funny and charming.  My son still relates to Little foot. One year I got him a Land Before Time Easter Basket, full of all the little plush animals and a Land Before Time DVD.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Spike the Ultra Dinosaur

Remote Control Dinosaurs

Remote Control Dinosaurs are becoming more popular. Spike the Ultra Cool Dinosaur is exactly that ..Ultra Cool! Well at Least I thought he was! My 4 year old son was a bit intimidated by it and does not play with it often!  Spike is red this year and has a smaller version called Spike Jr.  Other remote control dinosaurs soon followed. They have smaller versions of remote control dinosaurs that even spit at you!

Dinosaur Train is a popular TV show on PBS.  The characters have worked their way into your childs heart while teaching them all about the world.  Buddy the cuddly T Rex is very interactive.  You can press his button and he shares a lot of dinosaur data.  Buddy makes stomping sounds when he walks on the ground.  He also sneezes and makes chomping sounds!  The Dinosaur Train dinos are unique because they can recognize the other dinosaurs from the show.  Parents like this toy, especially how it interacts with the other dinosaurs.  Be sure to get the other characters to complete the set.

Learning Curve Dinosaur Train - InterAction Tiny

Meet Tiny Peteradon, friend of Buddy.  She like her friend is very interactive. Press her button and she will share her dinosaur facts.  She also has the ability to recognize when her other friends are around and interact with them.  She makes great sounds.  Wave her wings and she makes flying sounds, and give her food and she makes chomping sounds.  She also stomps when she walks. Parents really like this toy and comment how durable it is.  One parent stated that Tiny has been dropped several times and still works!  

Dinosaurs in the media

 Dinosaurs are everywhere these days.  You can find a lot of toys offered by Animal Planet.  My Son has a tub of Dinosaurs he plays with pretty regularly.  Made of  durable plastic the dinosaurs come with  plastic trees, rocks and even a little plastic with a landscape.  Ice Age is another popular movie this year that featured dinosaurs.  There are several Ice Age Toys listed below.

My review of Bucket of Dinosaurs!

Scientific Explorer's My First Dinosaur Science Kit

If you have a Dino Dan fan in your home then no doubt you have a budding scientist.  There are many scientific dinosaur kits available to stimulate your child's mind and imagination. The Scientists explorer my first dinosaur kit is one of those kits.  It has a a lot of positive ratings from parents.  The kit includes real excavation tools and a glow in the dark dinosaur that you build yourself.  Your little scientist has to dig up the bones, categorize them and then put them together.  During the process they are learning fun dinosaur facts.  This toy is recommended for children four years of age and older.  Parents recommend this toy due to the educational value.  They do warn thought that this can be a messy toy!

Backyard Safari Cargo Vest

Going dinosaur hunting?  Then be prepared and get geared up in your safari vest. The backyard safari vest has six d rings that you can hang your gear on. It has a large zip up pocket and clear pocket s for field guides. There are four additional cargo pockets with Velcro enclosures.  Parents loved this safari vest.  Some parents commented on how much fun their children had with this safari vest.  They comment  there child would wear the vest for a Halloween costume.

How do Dinosaurs say goodnight?

Dinosaur Books

 Dinosaur books make a good Dinosaur gift.  My favorite if you couldn't tell is How Dinosaurs say Goodnight.  I read it a lot to my son.. especially when he does not want to say goodnight!  There  are many other good dinosaur books to choose from!.


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