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Dinosaur Party Games - Birthday Game Ideas

Updated on September 7, 2013

Planning a dinosaur birthday party and need some game ideas? Browse through these fun games and activities that kids will simply love!

Get Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaurs

Meteor Shower Party Game

It is said that a meteor might be the reason why dinosaurs became extinct. So why not use this assumption as a fun birthday party game!

For this game you will need water balloons filled with water, dinosaurs - either cardboard cut-outs or inflatable dinosaurs (as shown on the picture).

Kids need to throw meteors (water balloons) at dinosaurs in order to knock them off.

You can have a throwing frenzy where all kids throw the balloons at the same time or you can have them take turns and have the rewards for the best kid.

This is a fun activity, you can also play it as a team game and award points on each hit. The team who scores the highest can be awarded with dinosaurs if you will be using the inflatable ones.

Fossil Excavaton

Kids will go crazy about this game! Plus they will keep what they find!

You need a large sandbox or just pile of sand (inflatable swimming pool fool of sand will be fine too).

Before the party starts put fossils into the sand and cover them with sand (you can get bulk genuine fossils extremely cheap, shark teeth are beyond cheap - although they are not suitable for small children, ammonites fossils are also great and inexpensive and you are guaranteed they are at least 65 million years old as that's when they got extinct, you could get dinosaur bone fragments - not the best looking but they are dinosaurs...)

You can also use other cool stuff such as toy rubber dinosaurs, cool minerals...

Give the kids some plastic shovels and let the fun fossil hunting begin! What they find they can keep! Be sure to put in more fossils than guests so that each one gets a few.

Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Why have egg hunts only at Easter when this is such a fun party activity?

Make your own eggs with plastic dinosaurs in it or purchase them.

Get T-rex pinata


Pinata is an essential at any birthday party! You can make it by yourself, it is not hard and you can make it shaped like a dinosaur egg.

If you will decide to buy it you can get a pretty awesome dinosaur looking ones.

Volcano activity

Why wait for a science fair to make a volcano when this can be a perfect activity for the kids at this party? Kids will be creative, will learn something and will have lots of fun!

First comes the fun building and painting and as a grand finale a cool (harmless) volcano eruption.

How to make vulcano tutorial

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