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Gravity Games BMX Review

Updated on May 20, 2011


Gravity Games BMX has the honor of being one of only a few Xbox BMX games based on an actual event. The Gravity Games started in 1999, with contests that include sports like wakeboarding, skateboarding, and inline skating. This game focuses on the exciting BMX biking events, which feature dirt, street, and vert and play out on ten freestyle courses.

Players select from 21 available riders, with seven professionals included. Rider animations feature more than 400 movements that were motion-captured. Having 1,500 tricks to select from in each event means that every player can wow the judges in the quest for a gold medal. Graffiti, race, horse, and team attack events accommodate two-player competition, turning the heat up a few notches.

The Real Deal


The rating on Gravity Games BMX is “T” for teen play.

Gravity Games BMX includes:

  • Choose from 21 BMX riders, with pros like Reuel Erickson, Matt Beringer, Jamie Bestwick, Andre Ellison, Leigh Ramsdell, Dennis McCoy, and Fuzzy Hall
  • 10 total courses for street, vert, and dirt events
  • Perform 1,500 tricks in each event
  • Impress the judges in order to win a gold medal
  • More than 400 movements were motion-captured and included in rider animations
  • Competitive two-player gaming for graffiti, race, horse, and team attack events
  • Behind-the-scenes and Gravity Games competition footage included
  • Footage capturing Fuzzy Hall in a backyard ride

Pros and Cons


  • Realistic playing action
  • Wide variety of bikes, professional riders, tricks, and moves
  • Players can make up their own moves


  • Slightly outdated graphics

Gravity Games Gameplay Video


One of the best dirt bike games for the Xbox game system is Gravity Games BMX. The real Gravity Games was established in 1999 and includes contests in wakeboarding, inline skating, skateboarding, and more. The superb BMX street, vert, and dirt biking events are included in this game. Players ride on a total of ten freestyle courses while participating in these events. Seven professionals are included in the 21 riders that a player can choose from for any competition.

A dirt course featuring several jumps makes up the dirt events. Players race through streets containing multiple obstacles, showing off their awesome tricks, during the street events. Vert events take place on a halfpipe and players perform awesome stunts designed to catch major air. They have 1,500 tricks to choose from in any event, making this one of the premier dirt bikes games for consules. Graffiti, race, horse, and team attack events allow two-player competition. Also included are extra DVD footage and more than 400 movements that were motion-captured.


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