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Discovering Magic

Updated on September 23, 2008

I have always been a fan of magic tricks, but I never really had a strong desire to learn any until recently. A few weeks ago, I took a trip with my family to Sedona, Arizona. After a bit of wandering, my step brother and I found 2 magic stores. We saw some pretty interesting tricks performed, and my step brother decided to buy 2 tricks (I paid for one as a graduation gift for him, since he had just recently finished junior high): a vanishing deck and a finger guillotine. The vanishing deck turned out to be money well spent, however the guillotine was kinda lame and broke within minutes. Seeing as Sedona is popular for spritualism and belief in the supernatural, we also visited several psychic shops, and a small river that was said to be siritual. After we got back to the resort, my brother went around showing off his new trick. We joked around and explained that we had learned magic from a powerful water gypsey near the lake who taught us how to speak to fairies and cleanse our auras. However, my brother was very eager to demonstrate his trick numerous times, and in the process, accidentally gave away the secret. The following day I decided to buy a trick deck, and after some practice, somehow managed to succesfully pull off a card guessing trick a few times. Although I lack my younger step brother's charisma ad showmanship for performing tricks, I am fortunate enough to know not to show the same ones to often, especially without practice. By the ime I got back to Tucson, I was hooked. I stayed up until 3:30 one night looking up card and levitation tricks, and have begun to collect a considerable amount of Mindfreak episodes in my iTunes folder. I later purchased several more tricks from a website and recieved them just a few days ago. I still have a lot of practice to do by myself before displaying my tricks for audiences, because I have made a few mistakes here and there (although I've found that trying them on a single person with a fixed distance away is an easy way to get performing experience). If you have an interest in magic, I would recommend, were I purchased my most recent tricks. They offer a wide selection at great prices, and even include a free trick with your purchase. A few other places to try are and


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    • profile image

      Magic Tricks Revealed 8 years ago

      Hey visit my website to learn some of the greatest magic tricks ever created.

    • profile image

      Magician 8 years ago

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    • Sith Penguin profile image

      Sith Penguin 9 years ago

      LOL, I'm afraid I don't actually know how. But I did find an article in a local supernatural paper that said you could appease fairies by leaving out a homecooked dish.

    • evemurphy profile image

      evemurphy 9 years ago from Ottawa

      How to speak to fairies? Do you know how? Write a hub on it! :)