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Dishonored GamePlay Review

Updated on December 16, 2012
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Dishonored, a game full of choices where every choice comes with a smarter approach to grab Corvo’s (assassin) target. The game fulfils the desire of a gamer coming with approaches of an assassin who had magical powers. Want to slow time? See through walls? Possess animals? Create gusts of wind? Want to blink? Want to dust your foes? It’s all happens in this game. Dishonored is packed with some interesting tools, providing him to use different powers. But as it’s said, you “have to earn it before use it”. Here comes the same approach, you have to collect runes to unlock and upgrade your powers. Like I said it’s an assassin game, so you can buy stuff and upgrade it with coins you collect during your mission.

Dishonored runs around some old fashioned stories of classic revenge, where a bodyguard is framed for killing his Empress and imprisoned and sentenced to death while her daughter carried away by the murder. Luckily, Corvo is helped to escape by a rebel faction, they call them loyalist. Loyalist helped Corvo to become an assassin and strike down their foes and rescue Empress’s Daughter Emily.

This all take place in the city of Dunwall, an old drowning city, where whale oil based technology has accelerated the industrial revolution. To add further complication in the city, a mysterious plaque spread in the city of Dunwall caused by some viscous and man eating rats, leaving zombies in the sewer called weepers. Adding more taste, there are outsiders with supernatural abilities and one of them grant its mark to Corvo (giving him supernatural powers). Dishonored offers you series of mission and each taking place in some part of the Dunwall city, each with a definite and optional target. The game offers you variety, how you complete your task. You can either go straight cutting throats or you can choose to sneak up. You can either take help from local gangsters to tell you some other ways to get your target, though you have to work for him a bit.

The game gets boring if you choose to go straight in, so explore the game a bit, collecting runes and charms. Try passing without seeing and set traps for your foes, you can use darts, crossbows, gun, swords, bomb and other weapons. Sneak behind your foes and turn them into dust, possess a rat and go through a vent, sound interesting? Rune offers you magical powers, the more shrines you visit for runes the more you will be eligible to grab a power. Each power is offered costing you some runes. So collect runes for more powers.

There is no, you can’t try again option in the game. You can try again and again with different approaches, if you die trying one, try again and again with smarty approach and with different routes. Dishonored offers you not just one solution, you can try the blood bath method, stealthy one or the one which contain less blood bath.

At last, Dishonored comes under the genre of stealth gaming and first person, but it offers some neat concept of stealth gaming with magical powers making it fairly good to be played.

Even the game has much to offer to the player, it’s a bit late comparing with the upcoming games coming in 2012, like NFS Most Wanted 2012, Assassin Creed 3, Hitman Absolution, Resident Evil 6, Far Cry 3, Medal Of Honor: War Fighter, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 and others.


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    • kuckoo profile image

      Your Lover 5 years ago from Your Heart

      always a pleasure to help others related to games and gadgets


    • Dancilla profile image

      Priscilla 5 years ago from El Paso

      I keep hearing about this game, my friend like video games and he asked me about this one and now I can tell him more about it. Thank you for this hub.