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Disney Jigsaw Puzzles - Disney Princess Puzzles For Kids

Updated on May 23, 2011

Disney Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids - Disney Princess Puzzles

Disney jigsaw puzzles are an eternal favourite and Disney Princess puzzles for kids must be just about the most favourite of all.

Girls love the beauty and fairytale of all the Disney Princesses and having them in puzzle form can be a great way of letting your kids spend time with their favourite characters, whilst at the same time they are learning new skills such as problem solving from working out how all the pieces fit together.

There are Disney jigsaw puzzles for kids of all ages, starting with 24 /25 peice puzzles you can do with you young children, 50 or 100 piece puzzles that are suitable for the 6 year old age group, right up to 1000 piece masterpieces for those who like a challenge.

Plus all your favourite character are there:

Disney Princess Floor Puzzle
Disney Princess Floor Puzzle

There are Snow White puzzles, Cinderella puzzles, Sleeping Beauty, the Little Mermaid plus Belle and Princess Jasmin, all waiting to be put together by a captivated child.

So why not spread some enchantment about with a Disney Princess jigsaw puzzle.

Up to 25 Piece Puzzles

These puzzles are great for little ones as they can be put together quickly enough that they do not lose interest, but are also detailed enough that they can recognise their favorite characters as they begin to emerge.

50 - 100 Piece Disney Princess Puzzles

 When they're ready to start doing puzzles by themselves you want to start with something that isn't too challenging and puzzles up to 100 pieces in size fit nicely into this category.

150 - 300 Piece Disney Jigsaw Puzzles

These are great for kids who are ready to start doing puzzles over a couple of days rather than all at once.

Perfect if they have a table or desk where the unfinished puzzle can sit until they are ready to continue with it.

500 - 1000 Piece Puzzles

 These are the ones that will keep them quiet for hours ~ so can provide great entertainment on wet afternoons or when friends come round.

With the additional number of pieces these are more complicated designs so are best suited for children of around 10 year and upwards ~ though very bright 8 year olds would also love them.


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