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Disney Princess Ultimate Fairytale Kitchen -the Perfect Gift for Your Little Princess!

Updated on June 28, 2013

What little girl just wouldn't want a beautiful Disney Princess Ultimate Fairytale Kitchen this Christmas?

It's not only totally magical, Amazon have it on special offer just now at a great price, AND there is free delivery with Super Saver Shipping.

Little girls have wanted to be just like Mom since time immemorial, and just love having their own little kitchen to play on, making pretend cakes and cookies.

The Disney Fairytale Kitchen offers hours and hours of fun, and is a dream come true for many little girls.

With loads of interactive activities built-in, the Disney Princess Kitchen is sure to be a hit.

It will require some construction, so if this is to be a Christmas gift, it will need put together beforehand, but the instructions are simple and straightforward.

Disney Princess Ultimate Fairytale Kitchen
Disney Princess Ultimate Fairytale Kitchen | Source

Disney Princess Ultimate Fairytale Kitchen

The little girls in the photograph above look delighted with the Disney Princess Ultimate Fairytale Kitchen, and they even got to dress up in their Disney Princess costumes at the same time!

Aimed at ages 3 - 7, the Fairytale Kitchen stands at just over 3 feet tall which is just perfect for those happy little people to engage in interactive fun.

Included with the basic kitchen is:

  • A telephone (so that your little princess can phone for a carry-out when she burns the dinner!) - no I'm just kidding - the phone sometimes get incoming calls from real princesses like Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Snow White or any other Disney princess.
  • Musical recipe book - wow! Wish I'd one of them!
  • Decorative stickers with real recipes on them from the Disney's Princesses themselves.
  • The integrated hob has buttons with cooking sounds, like water boiling, the microwave pinging, or the frying pan sizzling.
  • A set of kitchen utensils, including spatula, frying pan, Mrs Pott's teapot, a Flounder Squirt toy, cups and saucers for 2, teaspoon to stir in the sugar, a ladle, a bowl and a Tiana and Naveen frog salt and pepper set.
  • Cardboard cut-outs of Disney Princesses to place inside the cupboards.

The Disney Princess Ultimate Fairytale Kitchen does not come with batteries.

You will need 2 AA batteries for the singing table top, and a further 2 AAA batteries for the talking cell phone.

utensils and character sets that come with the Disney Princess Ultimate Fairy Kitchen
utensils and character sets that come with the Disney Princess Ultimate Fairy Kitchen

Disney Princess Costumes and Accessories

Why not treat your child to some Disney Princess costumes and play accessories like wall decals interspersed with gems, or tiara sets, at the same time as buying the fabulous Disney Princess Fairytale Kitchen?

Make a theme of it, so they can really pay the part when it comes to chatting to the real Disney princesses like Ariel from The Little Mermaid or Tinkerbell from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Sleeping Beauty is another one, as is Cinderella, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

There is a whole Disney world out there for your child to learn about and enjoy.

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