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Disney Tangled Rapunzel Costumes for Girls

Updated on March 17, 2011

Tangled Costumes

Is your daughter's favorite movie, Tangled? Does she want to be Rapunzel? If so why not treat your daughter to some Disney Tangled Rapunzel costumes.

Disney Tangled hit cinemas in late November 2010, and since then there has been a Rapunzel craze with little girls everywhere wanting to be her. Sales of Tangled merchandise flew off the shelves leading up to Christmas, and many girls are still dreaming of becoming Rapunzel.  Why not make your daughter's dreams come true by presenting her with a Tangled Rapunzel costume.

The Tangled Rapunzel costumes would be suitable for a fancy dress party, or a themed birthday party. Alternatively they could just be purchased for fun. All little girls like to dress up so why not make your daughter's day by buying her a Tangled Rapunzel costume.

This page provides some Tangled Rapunzel dresses, shoes and jewelry similar to that worn by Rapunzel in the Tangled movie.

What do you need for the complete Rapunzel costume

There are a number of places you can purchase the Disney Tangled Rapunzel costumes, including local toy shops such as Toys R Us, and major department stores like Walmart and Target. However the best value and cheapest Disney Rapunzel costumes can often be found online, on sites like Amazon.

To dress up like Rapunzel from Tangled you will need her signature dress, her wig, shoes, jewelry and some other essentials. Fortunately Amazon offers the complete Rapunzel costumes for little girls.

I have featured everything needed for Tangled Rapunzel costume on the right, including a selection of Princess dresses Rapunzel would wear, her light up shoes and jewelry. Of course the wig and hair accessories are also present. You can even own a wand similar to that of Rapunzels.

The Rapunzel costumes featured are normally pink or purple and fortunately they come in different sizes to suit girls of all ages. There is even an adult sized Rapunzel costume, which would look great at a Halloween party.  Please be sure you check your size before ordering any costumes. Amazon do allow returns so if you do order the wrong size you can return the costume.

Rapunzel costume and accessories can be expensive but Amazon do offer reductions all year round so if you are thinking of buying a costume keep checking regularly for special offers and discounts.

Will you dress your daughter up as Tangled's Rapunzel

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