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Chip'N'Dale Disney Pins

Updated on January 19, 2010

Collectable Chip N Dale Pins

If you are a Disney Pin Trader, the chances are you will have a specific area of interest. One very popular Disney Pin Theme is Chip 'N' Dale. Many pin traders collect these pins and love to compare collections with other Chip 'N' Dale fans. This lens shows you many of the pins available featuring Chip 'N' Dale so that you can see how complete your collection is. The other great thing about Chip 'N' Dale pins is that new ones are always being added so there will always be a new pin to track down when ever you visit the parks.

Disney Pin Trading

A Brief Introduction

If you are reading this you probably already know about Disney Pin Trading. However if you have found your way here as a Chip N Dale fan you may be wondering what trading pins are.

Disney Trading Pins were introduced many years ago by the Disney company and were re introduced to help celebrate the new millennium. The popularity of the Trading Pins has grown hugely since then and to date thousands of pins have been released.

Many pins are released in unspecified quantities and are sold to the general public via the Disney outlets mainly in the theme parks but also via the Disney Stores. Many people are happy to collect and trade these pins and can build sizable collections this way. Sold in the same way are many Limited Edition (LE) pins, these have a number stamped on the back indicating the quantity that have been produced and released.

Some pins are released by other means. There is a huge variety of 'Castmember Lanyard Pins', these are only released to cast members who then wear them on their lanyards to trade with members of the general public. These are popular trading pins for people who visit the parks and have to be searched for. One aspect of trading these pins is trying to figure out how many pins feature in a set.

There is a selection of pins that are released by other means often at special events or occasions. Many people like to colect holiday pins or pins associated with their favourite resort, cruise line or other speciality.

As a general rule the rarer the pin the more desirable and collectable it will be. However other factors can affect the desirability of a pin as well.

The books listed below offer great information to even the most experienced of Pin Traders and give a rating on desirability which in turn indicates a 'value' of the pin. I strongly recommend you purchase one of these books if you are serious about Pin Trading and building your collection. The most useful elements of the books are the thousands of pictures of pins that will help you identify the other pins in a series that you are collecting, enabling you to be more specific in your search whenever you get a chance to visit the Disney Theme Parks or when you are looking to buy or trade online.

Disney Trading Pin Bibles - Essential Reading for Pin Traders

This book is the 'must have' book for all Disney Pin collectors and Pin Traders. This is the most recent edition.

Other older editions contain information on old pins from other Disney sources that no longer appear in this book. Of course new pins are being released all the time so it is difficult to keep up.

One useful feature of the book is that is gives each pin a 'value' rating depending on rarity and desirability.

UK Buyers Tomart's Disneyana Guide to Pin Trading

USA Buyers Tomart's 6th Edition DISNEYANA Guide to Pin Trading

Chip & Dale Food Sets - Well worth looking out for.

These pins are not particularly rare, but they were only released through the cast lanyards. Shown in the photograph are 2 of the sets, each consisting of 4 pins. Children love these pins and will be really pleased when they manage to collect the full series.

Chip & Dale Food Sets

If these pins are currently available on eBay, they will be listed below, if not then some related alternatives will be shown.

Chip N Dale - Time? - What time is the 3 o'clock parade?

This started out as a joke between cast members and soon turned in to something a little bigger. Disney then released this Surprise Release pin to cast members. There were only 500 released and they were offered to cast members for $5.00. They all sold out within 3 days! This makes this pin particularly sought after, especially those who collect Chip N Dale. If there are any currently on eBay they will appear here, if not then some other Chip N Dale Pins will appear instead.

Chip N Dale Pins LE 100 - Only 100 released

These pins are limited Edition Pins that had an issue release of just 100 pins. this does mean that they are rare and hard to come by. Often these are released at special events or on special occasions. If you see something that you like, you should seriously think about getting it while you can. Click on any of the items to see more similar items on

Chip N Dale Pins LE 500 - Limited to 500

These are similar to the LE 100 pins except that the issue release was 500 pins. These are still rare and the target of many collectors. I have quite a lot of LE 500 Pins in my collection and would be reluctant to trade or sell them for anything else. Once again if you see something you like you should consider getting it while you can. Click on any of the items to see more LE500 pins.

Chip N Dale Pins LE 1000 - Limited to 1000

There were just 1000 of each of these pins released. This means they are not easy to find, although a bit easier than some of the other LE runs. Not as desirable as the LE100 and LE 500 but still very collectable.

Chip & Dale Hidden Mickey Pins

Hidden Mickey Pins all have a small Mickey profile somewhere on the pin. Some people restrict their collections to Hidden Mickey Pins only. Here is a selection of Hidden Mickey Pins featuring Chip & Dale.

Chip & Dale Lanyard

If you love Chip & Dale Pins then maybe you would like a Chip & Dale Lanyard to keep them on. Check out this selection.

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      anonymous 7 years ago

      Love little Chip n Dale...two of the cutest little chipmunks around! Had no idea Disney had so many pins out there for people to trade and collect. Fun lens!