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Diy Baby Boy Shower Ideas

Updated on July 26, 2016

Baby Vest Mantle

For this idea you can either purchase baby vests from the local charity store or brand new ones that you may have already purchased as part of your baby prep shopping. String them across a manlte for a very cute bunting idea that guests will adore.

Baby Shower Trophies

Just hot-glue a baby bottle onto a glass candle stick holder, both can be found at the dollar store. Afterwards, spray paint all over with Krylon Metallic Gold and leave it to dry.

Elephant Rice Krispies

Elephant snacks are almost too cute to eat. Get a little elephant cookie cutter and use melted marshmallow over rice krispies to make these. You can even add blue icing if you so choose.

Elephant Diaper Cake

We all love Dumbo the elephant so naturally elephants are a great little feature for to add to your party. You can even have little elephant napkins and elephant bunting to really get the elephant theme going.

Floral Baby

Spelling out baby over vases and adding flowers is ideal for an elegant themed tea party baby shower. It's also neutral if you use cream flowers so if you are trying to keep the gender a secret this could work for you.

Nautical Punch

A blue punch is perfect for a boy baby shower and you can choose to make it either alcholoic or non alcoholic. For the alcoholic version try Coconut rum, blue curaƧao, and sprite and for non alcoholic use blue kool aid.

Chalkboard Welcome Sign

This is a neat idea to welcome your guests, especially if you have already chosen a name. You can get chalkoard paint and paint over an old frame or you can get a chalkboard at your local craft store. These are really useful things to have around the house for all kinds of parties and menus for example.

Shower Game Gift

"From Our Shower to Yours!" Rustic Shower in a Jar includes : travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, and loofa! Im going to add a Bath and Body Works gift card and this will be our diaper raffle prize.


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    • profile image

      Patti 6 months ago

      Giving my daughter in law a baby shower due Christmas and you have some great idead.

    • profile image

      Patti 14 months ago

      want to make the elephant diaper cake. How do you get to the directions?

    • profile image

      Karen 15 months ago

      So many of the things I want to include are included here. Are there step-by-step instructions for the diaper cake available? Also challenged by way to hang clothesline in the venue. Thanks.


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