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Do Gaming Headphones Work?

Updated on May 24, 2011

Every gamer out there is looking for ways to increase their skill and to make the world of gaming come more alive. The gamers have demanded and the world of gaming has supplied many tools to become a better gamer. One of these tools is the gaming headphones. Many are skeptical about these things, you have read about them and so have I.

The idea of the headphone is to immerse you into the sounds of the game, and to put yourself more into the virtual world. They are to give you direction of the sounds and therefore, be able to hear where people and things are. In first person shooters this is vital, and imagine being able to hear your competition speeding behind you in a racing game. With these sounds you can make those small, vital corrections and become the victor.

With all these crucial sounds within ears reach the virtual world becomes reality. You are in the battlefield, the ball field or court, or the racing strip. You are literally in the world, you a part of it; the sounds are as real as the day is long. You hear the footsteps behind you, the gravel crunching under your feet. This is what the gaming headphones purpose is, but do they work?

My answer is the right ones work. I have the Tritton AX Pros which have four speakers in each ear and a subwoofer. I can hear to my right, to my left, in back of me, and in front of me. I hear the sounds as if I was standing there. However, as other articles have stated, there is no direction for up or down. But just like in real life you have other tools to aid you; the best is your ability to reason. With this tool you can figure out where the sounds are coming from.

The less expensive headphones do work, but they are just stereo meaning that it is just the right and left. Depending on your needs and budget there is a pair of headphones for you. I recommend for those hardcore gamers or for those who want that extra help, to get the more expensive headphones that do more and have more bells and whistles.

Not only do gaming headphones work for games, they are also great for movies. The higher priced headphones are 5.1 surround sound. Again you are right in the middle of the action; you hear the object going right to left or from behind to in front. Whenever I can I use my headphones to watch movies. However, unless the decoder box the headphones use doesn't decode DTS, you cannot use them with Blu Rays. Blu Rays are now using the DTS coding whereas the DVD’s use Dolby Digital.

Whether you want to hear someone coming up behind you, or you don’t want to disturb the people around you, the gaming headphone is a worthy investment. If you want to bring yourself more fully into the virtual world and don’t want to spend a fortune on a home theater system, the gaming headphones are for you. And for those who want more information on the Tritton AX Pros, I will be writing another article about those soon.


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