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Do Video Games Encourage Good Behavior!?!?

Updated on February 9, 2018

I personally believe video games have no affect on a child. I myself am a perfect example of this because growing up all I wanted to do was play video games. I played almost every single video game I could get my hands onto including the violent ones. I turned out to be just fine.

Some parents wont even allow their child to play games like Call Of Duty, Or Battlefield because of all the violence in it. Although some might allow it and they are aware that these games may be violent. After all it is a game based on war and not only does your child get to play a war game but gets to have a little history of what happened in those times.

Also not only do we have video games about war but, we have games involving sports. Game titles such as FIFA, Madden, and NBA 2K are very popular in the sports gaming market. Maybe one day a kid could stumble on to one of these games and it could push him to now want to become the next best athlete.

Also after asking a few of my classmates that has played FPS games (First Person Shooter) such as Overwatch or PUBG( Player Unknown Battle Ground) every one feels that it has helped improve their reaction time. FPS games are no joke if your not quick and on time you will lose, and no one likes losing. In order to not lose we practice and the more we practice the more our reaction time increases.

Overwatch Hero Selection
Overwatch Hero Selection | Source

On the other hand I do not feel that video games increase violence in children. I do agree that it does increase obesity and less physical activity outside. it's required that kids get at least 60 minutes of outside activity, but while playing video games all the time thats less likely to happen. Playing video games requires a lot of time and with all the time passing by you wont even realize you have been on it all day and now your 60 minutes is no longer possible.

Some may disagree that video games are a result of increase of violence in children. They mainly target games like Left For Dead and other shooter games. It's very easy to target these kind of games but, you have to consider that parents wont allow kids to play anytime of game.

Lastly we gotta also remember that video games are a great stress reliever. Some children even adults can be going through some hard times, and they want to escape reality for a second. So we plug up the game and boom are problems can just disappear like that.

In conclusion I honestly feel video games are not to increase violence for children. There here for the kids to have a good time and enjoy it. Its a good way to get friends and family's together.


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    • Usama Shahzad profile image

      Usama Shahzad 12 days ago from Peshawar,Pakistan

      I am also a big fan of games myself like Call of Duty and Resident Evil game series.I don't think games have any behavioural imapct on our environment.