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Do Your Homework When Buying Throwback Jerseys on Ebay

Updated on June 18, 2016

The selling of throwback and retro jerseys over the last 15 years has been lucrative. It even became the main fasihion in the Hip-Hop industry for a few years. Many tried to get their little piece of the pie. Some sold and resold authentic jerseys while others sold bootlegs. With throwback jerseys costing you anywhere from $80 to $350 you have to be aware of what is being sold so you will not get taken advantage of. This hub hopes to educate you on the ins and outs of buying jersey on Ebay. The same information can be used when patronizing other sites.

Number 23 outlined in pink.
Number 23 outlined in pink.

1. Read Feedback on the seller. Stay away from Ebayer’s who have many complaints on their product. Some take up to three weeks to get their product to the buyer. Others don’t deliver what they promise. Do yourself a favor and save yourself the hassle.

2. Inspect the photos carefully (what you see is what you get). I bought a Michael Jordan Washington Bullets Retro Jersey. I took for granted that the picture the seller provided was of bad quality. The outer lining of the numbers were pink. When I received the jersey, the numbers were pink. Another seller was offering a Pistol Pete LSU jersey. The picture looked like the jersey was outlined in black and gold. However, the colors of LSU are purple and gold. If you have any questions on the listing, it is always safer to ask the seller beforehand.

3. Familiarize Yourself with the Various Throwback Companies

Here are a few of the most popular companies:

Majestic - Cooperstown Collection

NBA (Reebok, Adidas) – Hardwood Classics

Reebok – D’Funkd

Mitchell & Ness – NFL Throwbacks

Mitchell & Ness – Hardwood Classics

True School Authentics

New York Sports Throwback Collection

Examples of Various Throwback Companies

Reebok Hardwood Classics
Reebok Hardwood Classics
NY Sports Throwback Collection
NY Sports Throwback Collection
Mitchell & Ness Throwback
Mitchell & Ness Throwback | Source
Jersey made by Champion
Jersey made by Champion | Source

4. Understand the Description. (Fabric quality, sewn letters etc)

All listings will give a size description (e.g. M,L, XL). However an XL to one company may fit like a 2XL for the next. Reebok created the NBA D’Funkd jersey a while back. It was so big, their XL fit like a bathrobe on me . Many of the sellers will list the dimensions from shoulder to shoulder. This is the true indication of how big or small it is. Many sellers offer jerseys that they bought back in the 80’s and 90’s. If you come across one of these listings, just know that jerseys were made smaller back then. Companies like Champion made their jerseys snug and shorter. NBA Replica Jerseys along with Reebok’s Hardwood Classics are sold Length +2. If you are used to this size, you will be disappointed with pre-year 2000 jerseys.

Irregular jersey example

One armpit is cut higher than the other; also, the arm holes are not big enough.
One armpit is cut higher than the other; also, the arm holes are not big enough.
Laker jersey compared to a regularly cut XL jersey.Notice the difference.
Laker jersey compared to a regularly cut XL jersey.Notice the difference.

5. Know that there are irregulars being sold out there also

There are workers from the various companies who take the damaged and irregular goods and place them on Ebay. This is probably the case for the Jordan Throwback. I also bought a Lakers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar jersey. It turned out that the holes where the arms are placed were cut smaller than they were supposed to be.

Pictures of Knock Off Mitchell & Ness Tags

6. Know when to spot a knockoff

There are many of these floating around out there. Go to a licensed store and familiarize yourself with the main characteristics of each company’s jersey (e.g. labels and tags). Mitchell and Ness is one of the leading brands in throwback jerseys. They are probably bootlegged the most also. If you spot a knock off and are alright with buying it, make sure you are not paying regular price for it.

In summation folks, know what you are getting before you buy it!

Satisfieed With Your Purchased Throwback Jersey?

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