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Earn $120 Per Day Completing Trial Offers...

Updated on February 21, 2007

Find Out How You Can Earn $120 per Day...

If you're not aware of the popularity of "Freebie Sites" then you're missing out on Easy Cash and Valuable Prizes!

You are just 3 Steps away from participating in an opportunity that actually Pays You to get started.  You will earn real $$$ deposited directly into your Paypal account or I'll pay you myself.  Our $120 per Day Strategy is easy to implement and pays like crazy!

What is a Freebie Site?

Until recently, I had no idea making money with Freebie Sites could be so easy! There's a whole world of people participating in interesting offers and earning prizes. It's all based on I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

Consider this, A Brand Name sponsor is launching a new product or service and needs exposure to a pool of new customers. Business executives perform extensive research and project the cost of what $$$ it will take to get one new customer. A marketing plan is built around a budget based on this cost, times the number of customers they want.

Here's where the money for me and you comes into play...

One of the places they spend these marketing dollars is with affiliate programs. Internet entreprenuers use their viral marketing expertise and get paid for finding their sponsor new customers. Freebie sites are one remarkable method where both sides win.

We as customers all agree to complete offers from sponsors and evaluate their product or service. The sponsor pays the freebie site when you "Go Green" and get credit for completing an offer. You in turn get Cash or referral credit towards the prize you picked from the freebie site.

Can This Actually Be for Real?

You better believe it's for real! Sign Up, participate in offers and start earning cash and prizes. There are so many different reward websites available. Finishing all of them is unlikely and at best would take you a good long time.

Sticking with reputable Incentive Networks is the way to go. These sites are known to pay out per their terms. The Freebie community quickly communicates what's hot, and what's not. If something goes wrong with a site and payouts are delayed, word gets around quickly and they get classified as a deadbeat company - nobody comes back. Freenbie Networks live and die by their customer service.

There are many places to find ratings on the best sites offered by the top freebie networks. Think, if you were a site owner, wouldn't it makes sense to win popular opinion by offering good service? No service - no business!

So go for the best results and stick with the top rated sites. Since there are several variables involved with completing offers online, things won't always go as planned. We find that the most reliable networks are the ones who keep things straight and quickly follow through with customer service issues.

$120 A Day Strategy

There are so many of these Freebie Sites to complete. By sticking with the Repuatable Networks and implementing a systematic approach to new signups, you can make Great Cash and Prizes! Be smart about it and make $40 bonuses time after time.

Using a simple "scratch my back approach" with a team of willing partners shows you quick success. We earn Cash and Prizes by sharing our resources in a common strategy rotating through all of the top sites.

Follow along, Read the Newsletter, we can guarantee you will make money by simply getting started! Honest Abe! Money deposited directly into your Paypal account. Where else can you make money online without spending YOUR money first?

What Do I Need to Start?

Getting started with Freebies is one of the only online opportunities that can get started with no upfront cash. If you follow our $120 a Day Strategy, you will find traders willing to actually pay you for your first completion...usually about $20-30...

There are offers that won't cost you a dime to get started! Realistically though, the offers usually consist of a Free or Low Cost Trial period. The sponsor deals with you directly as their new customer. They hope you find their product valuable and stay on as a new customer but this is entirely up to you.

Some basics you might find necessary are...

  • A credit card number to complete the transactions related to the sponsor's offer...
  • PayPal is the preferred method of payment for the majority of traders and freebie sites...
  • A physical address - PO Boxes throw up flags for Freebie site admins and Sponsor companies...
  • Virtually any broadband internet provider - see note below about one account per IP address...
  • And a willingness to complete offers you find interesting...


There are some rules that need to be followed in order to trade with Freebie Sites. Since there is Real Money being handed around, the companies doing the handing can be pretty strict.

Probably the #1 rule is you can only have one account per site. No exceptions. This means that signing up your wife or all your buddies at work will get you blacklisted.

Every time you create an account, they track your internet IP address. More than one registration or prize claim from the same IP and it looks like you're cheating - Don't Do It!

A note for AOL users, your ISP uses a proxy type addressing system. This means that your IP is shared among other users. Log into AOL today and your IP could be seen as the one used by another freebie member yesterday. This means you look like a cheater before you even get started. Most Incentive sites simply won't accept registrations from AOL IP addresses - Sorry!

Also, the sponsors are here to find new customers. If they didn't think they're getting their money's worth, they find someplace else to spend it.

Take time to fully evaluate the trial offers - here's a Great chance to evaluate and enjoy new products and services! Only complete an offer once - otherwise is considered fraud.

And KNOW THE TERMS of your offer. This cannot be stressed enough! These are big companies that typically do exactly as they say. Avoid trouble by knowing what You're signing up for - this will avoid trouble down the road.

3 Steps to Getting Started!

Learn a Strategy that makes signups profitable and simple. You won't need to talk anybody out of their money - follow along and you will actually get paid for starting!

The first step is to sign up and complete an offer for my current Featured Site. This site is part of a network which ranks well with the community and has about a dozen offers to choose from.

Here's what you need to do Today...

  1. Click this banner, choose your preferred payment method, signup and complete an offer...

  2. You will get our $120 Day Newsletter showing you Exactly where to find Freebie Traders Who will Paypal You $$$ to get Started with us...
  3. Tune in and Learn How easy it is to refer others to Step One! Collect gobs of Cash!

Here We GO!

That's all there is to it - Sign Up and participate! We're excited about your potential! You will be subscribed to our Newsletter and learn how to breeze through a couple more steps...most importantly the one that will actually pay you to getting started!

As an associate you will also have access to our other Money Making Profit Puzzle Properties. We only deal with reputable businesses that have a track record and are known to Pay! All of our sponsor companies offer either a Money Back Guarantee or actually Pay You to get started.

If we're straight with you, then we find you're straight with us...

Go ahead, take action steps and Do This Today!!

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      6 years ago

      Great lens. I love it. Thanks for sharing these tips.


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