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Does Elo Hell Exist League of Legends?

Updated on April 9, 2013

I remember in my earlier stages of playing League of Legends and when I first came across the concept of Elo hell. The idea that no matter how hard you tried or well you played you wouldn't be able to win because of outside factors like your team or what have you. This seemed like a pretty valid point at first. When you are playing ranked games there are quite a few things you cannot control.

Things you cannot control:

  • Your teammates.
  • Your teammates actions.
  • The attitude of your teammates.
  • The enemies you are matched against.

Feeling helpless is understandable. When there are five different players on your team how can you control that? Although this is true, it does not prove that Elo hell exists. Yes bad teams do exist and there will be games where you are completely helpless but there are also things you can control.

Things you can control:

  • How you play.
  • How good you are at the games.
  • Your attitude in the game and attitude towards your teammates.

It is much more important to focus on the things you can control because it increases your chances of winning. Even if you win %55 or %60 of games your ranking goes up. That is why it is important to always be focusing on what you can do to increase your chances of winning. This comes from how you react with your team and your individual skill level.

What about the Pros?

We have all seen how the professional players constantly reach the top of the leader boards no matter what happens. Even if the ranking resets they still manage to climb to the top over and over again. Is this luck? I think not. They are just very talented and positive players. They are so skilled at the game that their team is irrelevant because they provide so much value and skill to a team. If you have ever seen a professional playing on a smurf or lower level account you will notice that they completely crush and enemy. It is not luck. Professionals are able to play flawlessly mechanically and exploit the mistakes and weaknesses of lower skilled players.

Professional and Highly Skilled Players Have:

  • Flawless or near perfect mechanical skill and laning knowledge.
  • Superior game knowledge.
  • The ability to cooperate and lead a team if need be.

It is a mixture of all these skill that make them great player and it is what allows them to carry games time after time.

Eliminate the Mindset

League of Legends can be frustrating there is no doubt about it. I have been in a place where I thought that I was helpless and couldn't win games because of my teams. It seemed like the more I felt helpless the more that I would sabotage myself by my play and attitude. The more helpless I felt the more I would rage at my team and get mad when they made mistakes. It was there fault I was losing not mine.

Once I got over this mindset and decided that I wanted to play like the professionals and become really good at League of Legends was when I got rid of what I like to call the "Elo Hell Mindset."

Start accepting responsibility for your play and you will become better. The ranking system in League of Legends is simply a measure of skill level. This means that when your skill level increases, your ranking will increase. It is vital that you commit yourself to becoming better.

The time when I really saw strides in my ranked gains where when I was focusing on my mistakes and learning from them. When you blame your team and believe in the concept of Elo hell you are gimping yourself from learning from your mistakes. Instead of learning from them, you are disregarding them, leaving yourself prone to making them again and again. We see players who are constantly in low elo after thousands of games. How can this be? It is because although they are practicing and playing a lot, they are not learning from your mistakes. You can play one million games of League of Legends but if you do not learn from your mistakes and aspire to get better you will truly be in Elo hell.

My Version of "Elo Hell"

Elo does exist but it is not from external forces and it is not this place where teams suck and you cannot carry yourself out. Elo hell is within you. It is yourself not taking responsibly for your mistakes and not trying to get better. This will cause you to stay in a never ending cycle were you will never go up in rank and will stay in "Elo Hell."

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same results.

Do not fall victim to this vicious cycle. If you want to become a great League of Legends player it is completely possible. The only one holding yourself back is you. You decide your destiny and you decide your fate.

Good luck out there on the fields of justice!

Do you believe in Elo Hell

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    • profile image

      Anony 4 years ago

      Not to mention this article sucks. You said it yourself that their are things you cannot control. You cannot control 4 of your team members. If you play the game with open eyes, you will know that there are certain ELO's where those 4 member just suck alot.

      Also, there are many tiers/elo between ELO hell and Top of the ladder. Our argument always is: we do not deserve the elo we are at, because of ELO hell. If I am a professional/top top player then sure I can carry. But if I am say Gold/Platinum player, there is just no way I can leave bronze or silver, unless I am Diamond or challenger tier material. Its just too much shit.

    • passthejelly profile image

      Mark Passarelli 4 years ago from Lakewood Colorado

      Cool man. I agree

    • Game Obsessed profile image

      Game Obsessed 4 years ago from Australia

      I don't think ELO hell exists, you just have to play enough games to get rid of the variability of having random players who might feed/leave/afk etc.

      If you are a good player and play enough games you will move up ELO/Divisions.