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Dogs Plush Stuffed Animals Toys Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

Almost Like Real

Plush stuffed dogs introduce kids to the responsibilities of keeping a real pet. Children can be instructed to care for the plush animal, to take it outside for a walk, to feed it and bring it to the vet – all as a matter of practice and test of character. In time, a real puppy will mark a step forward for the kid; the plush doggy will understand that its owner has to move on. They don't hold a grudge, they're just too fluffy for negative emotions. If there is already a pet in the family, or you don't plan to get one, then a plush dog can be a nice substitute – or simply a great toy to play with.

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Scooby Doo or Toto?

There is a broad variety of plush stuffed dogs out there: all breeds, all sizes, with or without props. Most are simply a replication of the original, but there are also the celebrity fictional dogs and puppies, such as the 101 Dalmatians, Scooby Doo, Toto, and Bolt. While these can be very attractive at first, it's important to remember that their value has an outside source. When kids get tired of their favorite television shows and books – and they often do (in the natural process of maturation) – they also abandon the plush characters from these narratives. The plain, obscure stuffed dog will often be the most valuable and loyal. It's the object of private family memories.

What Breed?

Plush dogs come in many colors, most incorporating the basic black and white, and the comforting relaxing brown. Depending on the breed, the fur can be short and uniform, or long – sometimes only on the ears or other body parts. Though not particularly challenging visually, the coats can enjoyably stimulate the sense of touch. The more unusual breeds can force the kids' imagination to make extra work: some of those resemble other (plush) animals – wolves, sheep and bears. Plush dogs are machine-washable, as nearly all modern stuffed toys. 


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