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Doku Craft, Triple HD Minecraft Texture Pack (32 x 32)

Updated on May 3, 2011
For more HD Minecraft texture pack reviews, pay a visit to:
For more HD Minecraft texture pack reviews, pay a visit to: | Source

Doku Craft is actually three texture packs in one, and all of them are better than your average texture pack, which makes this a triple threat of textured goodness. All of the texture packs carry with them the original Doku RPG lineage, but they express it in very different ways. I should note at the outset that although the bulk of textures have been reskinned in these texture packs, as far as I can tell the animal and mob textures and paintings have not been touched. You shouldn't let this get in the way of downloading this texture collection however, it's quite excellent all on its own.

The 'High' version of the pack reflects an elven theme. Chests are ornate blue and gold, as are doors and normal unpowered minecart rails. There's a note of enchantment in the air. (However that works and whatever that means.) In practice it rather means that there's an aqua blue hue to general proceedings that I suppose one associates with the presence of elves.

'Dark' imparts a more raw, earthy feel to the game. It's a little less ornate, a little more industrial feeling. Chests and doors bear dark skull insignia, wood is a dark charcoal color. All in all, there is more grit to the game with this texture pack option, nothing is clean and slick. There have been centuries of blood and dirt on the blocks you now walk upon, and they're showing their age. Even the bed you sleep in at night looks like it's been given regular use by someone who didn't much care for personal hygiene.

'Light' option gives you more of a traditional minecraft feel. Much of the game's original colors and shading are reflected in this texture pack option. Chests now bear the insignia of iron crosses. I'd choose this option if you're looking for an RPG style texture pack that increases the general quality of Minecraft textures but doesn't impress itself too overtly upon the world.

I began with the High version of the texture pack, but after playing with all three versions, I think it's the Dark version that really adds the most to the game. Fortunately with the newest HD texture pack patcher, you can quite easily play with all three and make a decision at to what works best for you without having to painfully install a new texture pack every time.

Download Doku Craft HD Minecraft Texture Pack


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