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DokuCraft 32x32 Minecraft Texture Pack

Updated on June 6, 2012

DokuCraft: The Saga Continues is a 32x32 HD texture pack for Minecraft. DokuCraft completely reskins the armor, art, environment, font, GUI, items, mobs, particles, and terriain (as well as any other miscellaneous details in the game), giving them a completely new look and feel. The texture pack is divided into Light, Dark, and High textures; you can change these as you feel the need to, but can only have one installed at a time. Upon downloading the texture pack, you will have three files available;,, and Each one corresponds to a specific version of the texture pack. Simply drag and drop one of the files into the texture packs folder (A texture pack installation guide can be found here) to install the pack. Then, run MCPatcher HD (a necessary patcher for all HD texture packs) and patch the texture pack. You can then run Minecraft and select the texture pack in game to start playing with that texture pack.

Overall, I really enjoy the look and feel of all three texture packs, especially due to fact that the pack ads a great atmosphere to one of my favorite adventure maps, EscapeCraft 3, as well as a number of different mods. You can download DokuCraft here, and start using the texture pack immediately.

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