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Dollhouse Furniture

Updated on December 10, 2011

For centuries dollhouses have been delighting little girls and indeed, there is something fascinating in miniature things, even for adults. There's a huge variety of dollhouse furniture available online, from tiny little chairs and tables, sofa's beds and nursery equipment to kitchen and bathroom accessories.

Children love to play games that emulate the grown-up real world but on their own terms, in ways they can easily control the little scenarios they create and dollhouses fulfill that want perfectly. Rearranging little pieces of furniture in their own miniature house lets them explore their own imaginative world.

As a child my brother used to make them for me out of a carboard box and i'd spend hours decorating them and playing with my dolls. Creative play is very important in a child's development and it's a pity so much time is taken up nowadays with technology;sometimes old-fashioned is best.

Wood Construction kits

If you're looking to furnish a dolhouse, tiny wood construction kits are a great option, as putting them together is a game in itself, plus you get to paint them whatever colour you like - a must for budding litlle interior designers.

The 1/4 scale kit at right is made from high grade 3mm plywood. ll the pieces are interlocking so there's no glueing or cutting to worry about. There are 34 individual furniture pieces in authentic traditonal styles. When you've finished putting them together you can either paint them or leave them in natural wood.

Melissa and Doug

If you prefer your dollhouse furniture pre-finished, Melissa and Doug have a wide range of miniature modern styles, schmick enough to have your dollhouse looking like a display home. Designed for all 1:12 scale dollhouses, Melissa and Doug dollhouse furniture is handcrafted and features opening drawers and doors.

Children aren't the only people interested in dollhouses. There are many adults who enjoy collecting miniature houses and there are some exquisite examples around - from beautifully detailed period houses to ultra modern 'architect designed' model homes .Dollhouses have probably been around since mankind first climbed out of the caves and built their own dwellings. Some of the oldest examples were found in ancient Egyptian tombs from nearly five thousand years ago. There were miniature wooden models of servants, furnishings, boats, livestock and pets placed in the Pyramids, probably for religious purposes.

French Provincial Miniatures

French Provincial is a hot ticket in furniture at the moment, so why shouldn't dollhouses have the option of this great period style? The beautiful pieces shown here are oerfect miniatures of French Provincial, made from kiln-dried hardwood and designed in Australiama by JBM furniture, and are a limited edition 1/2-Inch Scale item.

The canopy and trundle bed are made by Aztec Imports and blend in perfectly with the French style. You've got to love the miniature 7th Century Palmetto and traditional Medallion rugs too.

A Labour of Love

One of the most beautiful (and expensive) dollhouses ever made was the one created by Peter Riches, below. The stunning dollhouse, measuring 1.2m wide, 82cm deep and one metre high, took Riches fifteen years to make but it was a labour of love.The ten bedroom mansion came complete with servants quarters, music room (with grand piano), games room with miniature snooker table, smoking room and a one thousand book library.

It was all worththile it seems because the magnificent dollhouse mansion sold in the United Kingdom for $83,000 in 2009, making it the most expensive dollhouse ever sold, more expensive even, than some full size houses. Riches spent an average of eight hours every day on the house and I'll bet it was a wrench to let it go.

Peter Riches with his dollhous mansion. Photo from
Peter Riches with his dollhous mansion. Photo from

Peter Riches began modelling when he was a child and the interest continued into adulthood. The basic shell of the house was made from plaster and Peter painstakingly hand-etched the 32,000 bricks for the walls and hand cut the 5,000 roof tiles from cardboard. All the furniture was made from recycled and raw materials.

Why got ot all that toruble to create such a mansion? As Riches said: "Its nice to have something in miniature that you can't own in real life."

A luxurious, miniature bedroom. Photo from Luxio
A luxurious, miniature bedroom. Photo from Luxio


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