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Donating on a Minecraft Server

Updated on July 9, 2014

Donating on a Server!? WHY!?

Alright, why would anyone donate on a Minecraft server? I have a few reasons why someone would want to donate on a Minecraft server. Before I say these reasons, I must tell you I am an admin on a Minecraft community and I may be biased towards these reasons, but there are tons of people (and when I say tons, I'm talking millions of dollars a year) who will agree with me. There can be many different reasons why someone would donate, I am here to give you a few reasons on what and why I have seen personally.

This ShockNetwork Logo was put up for my birthday


What Type of People Donate?!

I have seen many different people, of many different ages, races, etc donate to Minecraft servers. Countries all over the world, people who speak all kinds of languages, younger people to older people, they all donate. They all feel the need to donate, whether they are using their parent's credit card, their pre-paid card, birthday money, their own money, they WANT to donate.

Why Do Minecraft Servers Need Money!?

Why would anyone donate to a Minecraft server? Multiplayer servers are extremely integrated to work with the public. Public servers have many different things to pay for when inviting others to play their server. Here are a few things to pay for when owning a Minecraft multiplayer server:

1. The server itself - Whether the owner is renting a machine or owns the machine, it needs to be paid for. No multiplayer server worth it's time is run off of someone's computer, it needs to be run off of it's own machine.

2. Advertising - No one wants to play a game where there are only 2 people on, who are they going to fight? What if the server hosts games where a game can only start when a certain number of people are on? Multiplayer servers should pay for some kind of advertising, to get the server started.

3. Domains - Domains are what you use to connect to a server. If you want to connect to a server and it's something random (as they all start out with) like you are not going to remember random numbers like that every time you want to connect. To get easily connected to a server, it's easier to remember or, and domains cost money yearly.

4. Buycraft - Minecraft servers that want to make checking out for donations easy for customers. But to have buycraft on the Website for the server, server owners need to pay a premium.

Why People Donate!

So, I have told you what type of people donate (everyone) and the reasons servers need money. Now I will tell you why people choose to donate:

1. The "I wanna be better than you!" mentality - Yes, this is the biggest reason why people donate on Minecraft servers. Most of the players are young, or young at heart. I have seen more than enough for a lifetime of people who pop on a server and donate, just to be better than others.

2. The "Kick butt" mentality - These people want to kick butt, and they don't want to break logs and work their way to the top, they want the top to be now. They will go on to rip you a new one, because hey, they donated.

3. <3 The server - There are genuine people out there who will talk to staff, owners, and players and interact with the community as a whole. They play on the server a few days, months, and WANT to donate to better the server, to help the server.


Do You Get Stuff When You Donate?!

Oh yes, for Shock Network you get many different perks for being a donor. We have kits for the different servers we have, ranks you can buy, and individual kits so that you can pick the ones you want. It all depends on what you want to buy, as the donor. You get access to different commands in-game that others without ranks or kits are allowed to have.

When you donate, servers and their owners/staff appreciate any amount you can give, even $5 goes a long way towards a server reaching their goal. When the goal is reached each month, a sigh of relief is given, knowing that their devoted players can play again for another month. So when you think donating on a Minecraft server is silly, think again. We depend on YOU to prevent server deaths.


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