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Donkey Kong 64

Updated on October 11, 2010

Donkey Kong 64 Memories

Donkey Kong 64 won the Nintendo Power Award in 1999 for the best game of the year. And what a colorful game it is. Donkey Kong Country was a revolutionary title for the Super Nintendo, and this was no disappointment for the 64. The Nintendo 64, notoriously low on number of games to choose from, had satisfied millions of platform gaming nuts with Super Mario 64. But by the time Donkey Kong 64 came around, we had already beaten Bowser's butt more times than we could count. And then came along a friendly monkey with some serious business to take care of: launch fruit at enemies and collect a bunch of bananas.

And you aren't stuck being Donkey Kong every time either. He is joined by four friends: Diddy, Lanky, Tiny, and Chunky. But you have to unlock these additional monkeys, and well is it worth it! Lanky is my personal favorite. He walks along with his hands on his head, ready to slap enemies across the cheeks at a moment's notice. Chunky is big and intimidating. Tiny and Diddy can get around very easily.Each Kong has different objectives on the levels. They actually have their very own color of bananas that you look for. Chunky is green bananas, Lanky goes after blue, purple for Tiny, yellow for Donkey, and red is reserved for Diddy.

The game itself has seven main levels. The goal is to collect the golden bananas (different for each monkey) and then give the consequent blueprint to Snide. He's waiting for that blueprint! Just collect the bananas and you should be fine. 100 bananas per level to be exact. Now you can search for them individually if that's what you want, but 100 bananas is a lot, even if the levels are huge worlds. Why not go for the bunches, which give you 5 bananas, or better yet, go pop the banana balloons, worth 10 bananas.

The multiplayer games are fun. The best game in my opinion is the coin collection game, where you go up against other monkeys trying to collect the most coins as quickly as possible. Blowing each other away from the coins with such weapons as grape shooters and pigtails.

Don't even get me started on the bonus game where you get to bounce into hippos for a moment of pure heaven. Those quadruple combos are worth your freedom!

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Watch Out Lanky!

Listen to the DK Rap!


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