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Donkey Kong Barrel Blast for Nintendo Wii

Updated on March 15, 2008

My Review of the Game

I love Nintendo games and I love racing games, so this game ended up being an awesome game for me to play. I, however, did not realize it was a racing game until I started playing it. I had added it to my rental game queue just because I saw the name Donkey Kong in the title and at the time I had just finished enjoying Donkey Kong Jungle Climber. Thus I was pleasantly surprised when I started playing this game.

While in the end I love this game, I will admit at first it was kind of frustrating. The thing that makes it frustrating is the controls are very unique (some may say even awkward). Before describing the controls, I first must try to explain the vehicles you are racing with. The flying contraptions are basically two bongo jets with one on each side of the character.

Now on to how the main controls work. First, to accelerate you alternately shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. This acts as hitting both the bongo jets. To control moving right and left you either shake the Wii Remote or the Nunchuck. The default setting has the Wii Remote controls moving to the right while the Nunchuck controls moving to the left. A great features is that you can change the settings to be the opposite, which is something I know my little brother who sometimes forgets he even has a right hand greatly appreciates. The controls, especially controlling the left and right, takes some time getting used to, but it does become kind of natural after a while. I highly recommend doing the tutorials at Cranky’s Fligth School (accessed from the main menu) before trying to race, so you can at least understand what you are supposed to do. Then jump into the races and get used to the controls or try them out in Free Trial first.

The game starts with only one Cup of races open and in order to open the next cup you have to win first in the first cup. This is a little annoying because it can be quite challenging to do that well while also getting used to the controls. It may take a few tries to get first or perhaps a lot, but it is still enjoyable because the scenery graphics are well detailed. If you have the patience to get used to the controls and stick to it, then it can be a very enjoyable game and you can learn to appreciate the unique controls. Personally I love the controls because in the end my thumb is not sore like it gets in other racing games where you have to hold down the A button the whole time to accelerate. I know arms can get tired from shaking the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, but it is much preferred to having a sore thumb for doing basically nothing.

Overall this game is a fun unique racing game to enjoy. It is enjoyable as a single player game playing just against computer opponents. It is also a good multiplayer game, although it can take some time for all the participants to go through the tutorial and be ready for a multiplayer race, especially if doing it with four players. In the end though it can be really fun as everyone is hitting their imaginary bongos to make their jets go.

Game Screenshots

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Cranky's Flight School1st Place
Cranky's Flight School
Cranky's Flight School
1st Place
1st Place


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