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Don't Starve walkthrough: Berries

Updated on April 29, 2013
Don't Starve is copyright Klei Entertainment Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
Don't Starve is copyright Klei Entertainment Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

Though they seem like a basic enough food, Berries are important enough a staple of Wilson’s diet in Don’t Starve that they merit their own article. Most players, especially beginners, won’t get very far into the game without taking advantage of Berries.


Berries grow on Berry Bushes, spiky-leaved plants that are typically found in Grassland areas (though occasionally elsewhere, as well – Forests are known to have Berry Bushes). It’s quite common for players beginning a new game of Sandbox Mode to find at least a few Berry Bushes near their start point.

Berries constitute one of the basic foods in Don’t Starve. Eaten on their own, they’ll restore a small amount of Hunger. Eating a bunch of Berries at once can restore a modest amount of stamina. Cooking a Berry on a fire will earn you Roasted Berries, which restore slightly more Hunger and a very small amount of Health.


Normally, Berries might not prove too valuable to Wilson. Thanks to the Shovels you can construct with the Science Machine, however, Berry Bushes can be uprooted and transplated elsewhere – say, back at your base. Do this with fifteen or twenty Berry Bushes and you’ll have a near-constant source of food during Summer, as picked Berry Bushes will yield new Berries every three or four days. Berry Bushes require Manure to get started and will require more Manure periodically, so locating a herd of Beefalos is highly recommended before setting up a Berry farm.

Advanced Uses

Flat-out eating them aside, Berries have a variety of other uses which are often more beneficial to Wilson in the long run.

  • Berries are great for catching Rabbits, and a much less cost-prohibitive bait than Carrots. Place a Berry in a Trap near a Rabbit Hole and you should have some fresh meat by the end of the day.
  • Berries can be given to Pigs in exchange for Manure. Guess how that transfer works. They are the best fruit/vegetable to sacrifice for this purpose. Berries can also be dropped to stall aggressive Pigs or Werepigs, who will stop to eat them before continuing the attack.
  • When grown in bulk, Berries are a fantastic ingredient to use in Crock Pot recipes. Berries can typically fill in the gaps alongside meats in some dishes. Combining three Berries with any type of meat, for example, will earn you Meatballs. This is a good way of staving off Hunger and using up Monster Meat in a less-dangerous fashion.


Strange as this may sound, you are at some small risk when growing Berries.

  • The greatest threat comes from Gobblers. Gobblers are turkeys that spend their entire lives moving from one Berry bush to the next, eating every delectable fruit they can get their hands on. If a Gobbler gets into your Berry plantation – and the chances are good one will sooner or later – it will try to eat every Berry before getting chased away. Gobblers are cowards, and will flee Wilson when he gets too close. They’re too fast for melee attacks, so ranged weapons such as a Boomerang will have to do for a permanent solution. You can also kill Gobblers by chasing them to the water’s edge, where they’ll get stuck and become easy targets.
  • A secondary threat to any food is the Pig. Pigs eat anything even remotely edible they come across, and this includes stripping Berry Bushes and stealing Berries from Traps when they’re hungry. If you plan on setting up Pig Houses near your base, put them on the side opposite of your Berry farm.


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