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Don't Starve walkthrough: Frogs

Updated on April 28, 2013
Don't Starve is copyright Klei Entertainment Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
Don't Starve is copyright Klei Entertainment Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

Of all the things to pester Wilson in Don’t Starve, you might think that a mere Frog would be among the least of your worries. Don’t be fooled, though – in sufficient numbers, Frogs can not only pester Wilson terribly, they can bring him down for good. Beware the olive hopper!


Frogs are small, green amphibians that live in ponds scattered about the map, typically in, or on the borders of, Grasslands. At a distance, frogs are largely harmless: they will hop about and leave Wilson be. If Wilson strays too close to a Frog, however, or if one hops too close, it will attack. Despite being relatively weak, Frog attacks present two distinct dangers:

  • Each time a Frog attacks, it will pull one of Wilson’s items out of his inventory and drop it on the ground. This can be infuriating if multiple Frogs attack at once and haul dozens of items out.
  • And multiple Frogs usually will attack, as a single aggressive Frog that's under attacl will turn all other nearby Frogs aggressive. It’s not unusual for upwards of five or six Frogs to leap at Wilson at once, as Frog ponds are typically clustered in groups. A single group is not very dangerous; a mob of them can easily kill Wilson if he’s unarmoured.

Battling Frogs

The easiest way to battle Frogs is simply to avoid them. Though fast when feeling aggressive, Frogs are easy enough to outrun, and will give up once you leave their territory. Doing so will cause Wilson to miss out on Frog Legs, however, and with a Spear and a Log Suit it’s not that hard to kill a fair number of Frogs with a minimum of damage. Just keep attacking and you’ll bring them down.

It’s also easy enough to use a Pig follower to take out a group of Frogs. Target one of them and the Pig will rush in to attack, thereby bearing the brunt of the Frog’s attacks. That said, the victorious Pig will eat any Frog Legs dropped if you’re too slow to pick them up – and if you’re part of the melee and lose some of your items, it’s entirely possible that the Pig will slurp down whatever you dropped. If you do fight Frogs with a Pig companion, make sure you stay back from the fight and use a ranged weapon to hit the Frogs. A Boomerang will work wonders.


  • Though not always true, Frog ponds seem to appear near roads with great frequency. Unless you feel like fighting, you can stay on the road as you rush through Frog country and avoid most hits.
  • Frogs have a predictable attack pattern, as they leap right at Wilson when aggressive. You can use this to catch Frogs in Traps. Once stuck in a Trap, a Frog will turn into Frog Legs.
  • Very rarely, as well as in Adventure Mode, Frogs will descend from the sky during rain. These rains can prove very dangerous, as they litter Frogs dang near everywhere. Try not to run around too much, lest you draw a massive number of Frogs on your tail, and wait out the rain. Trap any Frogs that are nearby to avoid the ire of their more geographically distant kin.


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      Bob Bobbington 

      5 years ago

      "Frog that's under attacl" - Attack?


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