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Don't Starve walkthrough: Spiders

Updated on April 28, 2013
Don't Starve is copyright Klei Entertainment Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
Don't Starve is copyright Klei Entertainment Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

Wilson has many nemeses when he enters the world of Don't Starve, but few are quite as prominent or far-reaching as the Spiders. Spiders are a persistent nuisance both night and day, and can become downright dangerous if mishandled.


Spiders are small, eight-legged, toothy creatures that typically roam three distinct geographical areas: Grasslands, Forests, and Rocky Lands. In the former they are generally spread out and less of a threat, but in Forests and Rocky Lands they may form large colonies.

Spiders spawn from Spider Dens, pulsing white cocoons found in the middle of webbed territory. During the day they congregate and sleep in these Dens, only emerging if something steps on the webs of their home turf. During dusk and night they will emerge and prowl around, looking for things to attack.

Spiders come in three distinct types.

  • The first, most comon Spiders are mere peons which can be dispatched with ease on their own. Attack one, though, and any in the vicinity will rush to help.
  • The second variant are Warrior Spiders. These creatures have yellow markings, and will only emerge if their Spider Den is directly threatened. They jump to attack.
  • The third are Spider Queens. These large brutes can spawn new Spiders of both previous kinds with impunity, and are capable of brutalizing Wilson. They should not be attacked in a straightforward manner.


Though they are at first a nuisance to be avoided, Spiders drop three things which can be of use.

  • Monster Meat. Though not a good idea for direct consumption, Monster Meat can be used in a Crock Pot as an ingredient with no ill effects to Wilson... so long as you only use one piece per recipe.
  • Spiders Glands. Glands are used to make Healing Salve, a potent item that will, in several doses, quickly restore any wounds Wilson has incurred. If you're battle-happy you'll want many Healing Salves.
  • Silk is used for several crafted items, notably Fishing Rods, Tents, Bug Nets, Boomerangs and Bird Traps. It is largely indispensible if you want to grow your base.

Spider Queens also offer Spider Hats if killed. A Spider Hat, when worn, will allow Wilson to employ Spiders as followers for a short time. This can be dangerous because the Spiders will revert to their normal behaviour once the Hat degrades, but it’s nevertheless useful if you need to mob something large.

Killing Spiders

Coping with ordinary Spiders is not that big a deal, even if you're unarmed and unarmoured. Catch the attention of one Spider, lead it a decent distance from its compatriots, and start whacking. Spiders suffer from a brief stunned period when hit, and won't be able to attack back. A few hits will finish it off. Be prepared for reprisal, for any Spiders nearby will rush in to join the fray... though if you hold down Spacebar you should have no trouble killing each that comes in without taking a hit.

Warrior Spiders are a bit harder, both because of their jumping and because they only appear after a Spider Den is threatened. Your best bet here is to lure the normal Spiders away from the Den first, dealing with each one in turn. Then, and only then, move in close and spark the ire of the Warriors – and that will only happen if there are no normal Spiders left in the Den. With a Log Suit and a Spear equipped Spider Warriors won't pose much of a threat.

Spider Queens are the truly tricky ones. Attacking them yourself isn’t generally feasible, as Queens spawn large numbers of Spiders and Spider Warriors to assist them in battle. Your best bet is to lead the Queen and its cohorts to other creatures that will gang up on it and attack.

  • Pigs are the most obvious choice, as Pig Villages boast large numbers of potential warriors. Focus your efforts on the smaller Spiders the Queen spawns while the Pigs assault the Queen. This isn’t a bad tactic, but because the Pigs will eat the Monster Meat left behind you’re almost certain to get at least one Werepig in a long fight.
  • Beefalo are probably your best bet. Lure the Queen to a herd and they’ll mercilessly assault her and her forces until they’re dead. A herd of five or more Beefalo is preferable.
  • Tentacles and other swamp dwellers are another possibility, though riskier. Lead the Queen to a Tentacle and assist it from a distance with a Boomerang. You may not kill the Queen with one Tentacle, but multiple Tentacles can do the job.
  • A cadre of mixed followers will also take out a Queen for you, if you’re up to the task of gathering them. Pigs, Smallbirds, Smallish Tallbirds and Beefalo can all assist in bringing down a Queen.


  • If you don't care about collecting items, the easiest way to kill Spiders is to set fire to nearby trees with a Torch. The flames will expand to the Den and kill everything inside. This may destroy any items dropped by the Den or the Spiders (as well as potentially destroy an entire forest), so only use this tactic if your aim is to get rid of the Spiders.
  • Because they're small, Spiders can be caught in Traps. Lure them toward the Traps and they'll run right in. With enough Traps you can eliminate an entire Den of Spiders without ever being under direct attack.
  • Spider Dens will occasionally drop Spider Eggs when destroyed. You can use these Eggs to grow new Dens. Once you're accustomed to fighting Spiders, it's not a bad idea to transplant these Dens onto turf near your base... just don't put them too close.
  • Pigs are a great way to deal with Spiders, as they'll rush in and draw most of the fire. You can then sneak up and whack away any Spiders one-by-one while they attack the Pig. Be careful, though! Spiders will drop Monster Meat by the gallon, and if a Pig eats four pieces (which it probably will) it will turn into a Werepig. Werepigs have no compunctions about attacking Wilson, and they're much more dangerous than your average Spider.


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