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Don’t be stuck in the house this summer? Fun things to do this summer

Updated on August 14, 2013
Galicia - España
Galicia - España | Source

As the weather get warmer and the nights get shorter there’s no denying what’s going on. Summer time is approaching. And fast too. Got plans? No Yes Maybe? Summertime is the perfect time and opportunity to do things you’ve been meaning to do all year long. Whether you’re a student off from school or on break, or a seasoned worker looking to cash in your chips for some fun in the sun; summer is a haven for relaxation and excitement. Well I hope these suggestions helped.

This could be you right now!

Lambs Lounging
Lambs Lounging | Source

Things to do by yourself

Pursue a hobby: Sigh you've been meaning to do this but never got the chance or time to do it. Now is your chance: this can be anything from learning how to swim, learning how to play guitar to catching up on TV shows or sleep

Work on yourself: Whether it’s to lose weight, get active, perfect your grilled barbeque ribs recipe, or teaching your-self how to properly unwind. It’s a great time to focus on your-self.

Give back volunteer: Altruism in the summer??? Yes it’s possible and it’s not only reserved for Thanksgiving. Volunteer at a local park or beach, recycle and clean up your community. Participate in a walk or run in a marathon for a cause. Fundraise for a local charity. There’s something about the sun that can you make you feel more satisfying and appreciative of what’s around you.

 FEMA volunteers in Texas
FEMA volunteers in Texas | Source
Family jump!!!
Family jump!!! | Source

Things to do with Family

Reconnect: When was the last time you've seen your grandmother or talked to your mother on the phone. If you said Thanksgiving or Christmas then that’s pretty sad. Make it goal to at least once see them face to face. Reconnect with family by bonding over dinner or a family barbecue packed with BBQ ribs, grilled chicken, hot dog, and lemonade. Start a new tradition, make a habit to reconnect and spend quality time with your family.

Plan a magnificent Stay-cation: Tight on money, young kids who hate traveling, or responsibilities and conditions that don’t allow you to travel far. A stay cation is a nice way to change scenery without changing it too much. Whether it’ll be a two day or weekend trip two towns or two states over, it’ll allow you and your loved ones to get away without really getting away.

Old School Lake Side Camping
Old School Lake Side Camping | Source
Beach in South Lake Tahoe
Beach in South Lake Tahoe | Source
Friends Being Silly at the Bitch
Friends Being Silly at the Bitch | Source
Thuggin' All Day
Thuggin' All Day | Source

Things to do with Friends

Party like it’s 1999 or 1983 or 2003 or 2020: Create a theme party with your friends, complete with costumes, food, music, and props. Bonding over music and food and plain fun is a great way to create new memories, strengthen old connections and secure new ones.

Plan a road trip: Plan a road trip with your friends. This will give you bonding time and an opportunity to explore new places, and great new memories made of worthy adventures with your buds. Be sure to take pictures and create a summer scrapbook too.

Couple Holding Hands in the Sunset
Couple Holding Hands in the Sunset | Source

Things to do with your significant other

Rediscover your relationship: Relive and rekindle your romance. Plan a romantic date, go skinny sipping in the beach at night, it’ll help you unwind and get close. Doing something spontaneous and daring will also allow you to appreciate each other and your relationship more.

Get Active, Get Competitive: What better way to get close with your partner than to duke it out. Competition and competitiveness is not a bad thing (most of time) and can allow you to unleash some healthy and light-hearted aggression. Challenge them to race, one on one basketball, poker, etc. Whoever wins gets to a “reward” of their choice.

Flip Flops!!!!!
Flip Flops!!!!! | Source

Traditional things with a spin to do in the summer time

Go to the movies in swimwear
It may seem crazy, but why not. The weather is hot

Rooftop partying

If you live in an apartment get permission, if you own a house buy a ladder. Either way you're getting up there. Its bold and a unique way to bond and dance with arms touching the sky. Party to the am and watch the sun come up from the rooftop.

Ride a tricycle or unicycle

Bicycles are so 2012, tricycles and unicycles are the way to go. Find out where you can buy or rent a tricycle and unicycle and ride them in the park or any open area. Feel the air on your face as you try to navigate these two or three wheelers. Just be careful!!!

These suggestions can be done with or without people and in no particular order; it’s all up to you. So you don’t get stuck in the house this summer and wonder in the fall where those lazy sweltering days gone. Be safe and most importantly, enjoy!!

What do you plan on doing this summer?

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  • danicole profile image

    danicole 4 years ago from United States

    thanks Glenn stok for reading :)

  • Glenn Stok profile image

    Glenn Stok 4 years ago from Long Island, NY

    You have very useful ideas here. Volunteering can be very rewarding while it also gives one something to do. I also like your idea to reconnect with family.

    This can be done with old friends too. Reconnecting with old friends might be really nice. I once planned a week long cruise with six friends. That brought us closer together as each showed caring for the welfare of the others.

    Just about anything that's planned with friends or family is a way to get out of the house in the summer or any season.

  • Janellegems profile image

    Janellegems 5 years ago from United States

    What an awesome hub, love the pictures and the wonderful ideas for a fun summer. Thanks.

  • danicole profile image

    danicole 5 years ago from United States

    Thank U !!!

  • danicole profile image

    danicole 5 years ago from United States

    thank you :)

  • mwilliams66 profile image

    mwilliams66 5 years ago from Left Coast, USA

    Great ideas Danicole! A fun hub to be sure.

  • LeonJane profile image

    LeonJane 5 years ago from Australia

    I like your summer romance ideas! Good work keep it up!