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Doom Eternal Review on PC

Updated on July 2, 2020
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I am an avid player of many different types of video games. I also am a fan of giving reviews of games I play in order to offer opinions.

Exploring Bethesda's Doom Eternal

Just like it's predecessor Doom Eternal fails to disappoint. This successor to Doom (2016) still offers that fast-paced first-person gore combat we've all grown to love, and the demons in this reboot are even more deadly, equipped with explosives and extremely lethal weaponry. The graphics on this reboot are still as stunning as ever, representing something just shy of what you would see out of a underground horror movie. One thing is for certain, this game doesn't skimp out on the bloody cut-scenes. The iconic rip and tear hectic environment has yet to wear off in this franchise and It really kept me engrossed in the campaign. Each campaign mission flows nicely into each other without any gaps in the plot. Once I finished the campaign, it left me wanting more and more.

What's Different From Doom (2016)

One thing to note, this successor was hugely more strategy and skilled based then the previous release was. There were a few times through some missions where I had to lower the difficulty from "Hurt me plenty" to "I want to live" because I just could not get through the checkpoint without dying. This reboot demands that you conserve your bullets as much as possible, because ammo drops are scarcer than ever. On top of that, throughout this game it is imperative that you use the most effective weapon for each type of demon you want to kill. Some weapons expose weak spots and finish off demons quicker, and one's things for sure there are a ton of demons to kill. This reboots campaign is rather lengthy at 22 hours compared to about 12 hours on the original game.


Overall, I view Doom Eternal as a superb successor to Doom (2016). It follows in the footsteps of its predecessor closely while also adding new weaponry, tactics, and character abilities into its arsenal. If I were to pinpoint one thing that I wasn't a huge fan of it would be the difficulty scaling and just how few and far between ammo drops are, but for some that just adds to the prowess and experience.

My Rating

I give this game a 9.5/10, If you have played the predecessor you will certainly not be disappointed, and it is a game that new players of the franchise can pick up and start playing without prior recollection of Doom (2016). Also, if you are a fan of first-person shooter intense combat, I would definitely look into this one.

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