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DotA 2 Most Banned Hero: April 2014

Updated on July 1, 2014
DotA 2
DotA 2

Most picked and banned heroes

Month of April saw the rise of Lycan having a rate of 100% being picked or banned. Here's the complete list of pick-ban rate as of April 2014:

  1. Lycantrope - 100%
  2. Ember Spirit - 96%
  3. Invoker - 95%
  4. Batrider - 93%
  5. Ancient Apparition - 87%
  6. Dazzle - 72%
  7. Wraith King - 15%

Hey guys, welcome to another hub post of Game Central. Your one stop source of gaming news, blogs, meta, and gameplays. Today I'm gonna discuss the most picked and banned heroes in DotA 2 brought to you by Valve and Steam.

Today's hub will cover the whole month of April about the latest news in pick and bans\ in the Captain's Draft or the Captain's Mode.

April was really interesting month with some surprisingly with some heroes being picked competitively and consistently while the others fall after a long run. Maybe the 6.81 patch update is reason why.

Lycan is banned for about 86% showing how afraid players are right now. Other heroes like Ember Spirit, Invoker, and Batrider having over 90% of pick-ban rate. Followed by Ancient Apparition and Dazzle having 87% and 72% consecutively. Surprisingly, Wraith King is competitively viable with 15% pick-ban rate.

Do you agree with the pick rate last April 2014?

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Centaur Warrunner topping the pick rate list with 50% pick rate
Centaur Warrunner topping the pick rate list with 50% pick rate | Source

Pick Rate

Now in just pick rate, Centaur Warrunner was the most popular hero being picked with nearly 50% of competitive matches. Batrider is also popular last April with 38% pick rate which probably contributed to the significant decline of traditional off-laner like Clockwerk (drops to 15% pick rate) and Nature's Prophet (21% pick rate).

List of pick rate:

  • Centaur Warrunner - 50%
  • Batrider - 38%
  • Clockwerk - 15%
  • Nature's Prophet - 21%

Final Words

That's all for today's hub. Please comment below your reactions or suggestion you might want to add. Enjoy playing DotA 2!!!

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    • reinregalado profile image

      reinregalado 3 years ago

      Yes I agree with you! Lycan is such a pain specially to the 'necro 3' metta which makes him a hard pusher. Damn dog lol

    • Michael Poon profile image

      Michael 3 years ago from Australia

      Lycan is really hard to counter even after the nerf to his early game. I can see why he's been banned 100% of the time since teams don't want to deal with rat dota.