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Dota : Slark, The Nightcrawler Item Build

Updated on June 19, 2012

Slark the Nightcrawler, imba ?

Slark, one of the new 2 hero of dota. New guy but i liked him too much. One of my favorites atm. But but icefrog is going to nerf it imo. It is not far seeing. They always do the same to new heroes :) In addition yes, he is a bit unbalanced. If enemy ignores him for 4-5 seconds in a team combat, that may cost them a team kill. He is bot item and lvl dependant hero. But more likely item dependant. So his major skill essence shift requires asp. and asp. can be boosted with items. And his ultimate shadow dance lasts 5.5 secs. so u have to hit as much as possible and it is again item dependant. Now lets see my strategies about him.

Pros :

  • Really fast hero and funny. You can run away or chase easily.
  • Really no need for hit point regeneration or lifesteal because of his ultimate passive. This is a unique hero in that case.
  • His ultimate passive is a great way to detect if you are in sigt of opponents or not.
  • Fast movement speed, in fact max. movement speed.
  • Farming is easy with both ultimate passive and dark pact.

Cons :

  • Really weak with low hitpoints.
  • If you try to boost your hp you should kill your mid. game.
  • Before getting your ultimate at least 1 lvl, it is a pain to survive if there are challenging opponents.
  • He is clearly a late game hero.

Skill Order : Lvl 1-3-5-7 Dark Pact, lvl 2-8-9-10 Pounce, lvl 4-12-13-14 Essence Shift, lvl 6-12-16 Shadow Dance and others of course to stats :)

(Dark pact is your early game farm and harm skill. So 300 damage with a low mana cost is worst to get it early. 1 lvl essence shift is 15 secs. We leave it at lvl 1 because in early game you don't have much item and most of the combats is not that long. Pounce after dark pact because it is same mana requirement at all levels, higher damage with same mana and higher lvl really required for chasing enemies)

Early Game :

Buy a bracer first. Really need some hp boost. But wasting your money for an expensive hp item like vg is the best way to kill slark. So at least a bracer should solve some problems. And spend your remaining money for at least 1 set of tango and if you still have some money buy a clearity(dependant on spending money for hero or not). Now early game is a bit boring for slark. Of course you have a great chance for getting a kill with your lvl 1 pounce and lvl 3-4 dark pact but it is a risk also. That is because weak hp and dark pact's self damage. So i prefer not getting a risk before lvl 6. After lvl 6 you don't need tangos or any regen item anymore. One of the best skills in game. %2 hp regeneration at lvl 6. what you have to do is just wait a little back when the enemy creep wave dies. Regenerating costs a lot for all other heroes. Both for pots or both for ring,vg,pres., etc... Also it is % based and works great for all conditions all lvls. And 5.5 seconds active ultimate time regeneration works too. It is worst +%11 hp during the combat. This is survival part of your ultimate. Don't espect much from essence shift at early game. It will shile at middle game. And dark pact. You can use dark pact effectively especially after lvl 6. After using 2-3 dark pact you can go back and fill %40 of your hp in 20 secs. And mana? It is just 40 mana at lvl 4. It is like free skill while farming. Late early game or early middle game is time to farm. You have lvl 4 dark pact and high regeneration rate. Also natural creeps does not affect your regeneration even fighting. As they are naturel. You can farm nc camps forever even using dark pact frequently. Do not risk yourself to get a kill at early game. Just farm for some money and try to get a poor man's shield and an agility pt. Poor man's shield is optional. But i prefer to use it in most games. It can serve you well especially at early game with that low hp. After complating those items your next item to complate is mask of madness.

Middle Game :

As i said, Slark is a late game hero. So probably you are not going to shine like a sun at middle game. But does it mean you will be weak? NO. You will get 10 times active than early game when you get your mask of madness. Lets talk a bit about mask of madness for slark. Everybody uses mask of madness for their slar builds. So i tried other alternatives. And the result is, yea it is the best choice. The other 2 orb effect alternatives are s&y and diffusial blade. I don't diffusila blade build. Yes it works, but not better than others. So can dismiss it. Other choice is sange&yasha. This item is best 2nd. choice in performance. Ms in combat+asp+maim before pounce ends+and the best hp boost alternative for slark. So in my opinion the best solution is to use mom and s&y together. None of other give as much boost as mom to slark. So after this everybody usualy get a hyperstone. Yes it is a true choice. So according to sitiation of game, buy hyperstone or s&y first. If there is too much caster opponent heroes, you should prefer s&y first. Or according to your play style, you should prefer hyperstone first if enemies run away before dying. As you know hyperstone is less than 1/2 cost of s&y. So it is accessible earlier. But i prefer to buy s&y first, in case i get money easily before enemy heroes gets strong. 2 orb effects? Don't worry about it. You will still have lifesteal if the target you are hitting does not have maim on him. And if the target has maim, you can not use lifesteal but that is not a problem at all. Not hard to kill a maimed target as not hard to escape from a maimed target that has 180-190 ms. You have 522 ms after puncing to fog or using shadow dance. Since you will have mom. In all cases we did not buy it for lifesteal. We bought it for berserk. It still works and that is what we need :) Use your pounce-darkpact-shadowdance-berserk combo as in required order. Do not waste all your skills between an enemy team. It is easy to run away but not that easy to survive without a skill. If enemy tries to escape and he is fast/pounce in cd,berserk in cd,etc., do not follow him directly. Just go nearest fogged side of road and with 522 ms go before him. As with a max speed, you can go across the map for a good gank chance. Just go where he will be 20-30 secs. later. Possibily you will catch him.

Is slark unbalanced?

See results

Late Game :

I want to tell it again. BERSERK FROM MASK OF MADNESS IS THE KEY HERE. You can try other items,builds but this is working perfectly. Now we got all our items to boost our essence shift skill with asp. So with that much atackspeed which non orb effect items should work fine? Answer is basher and monkey king bar. We should have bracer-pt-poor man's shield-mom-s&y. Basher deserves to be the last item. With berserk+ulti+stun+blabla combo, you would git several times that each of your hit steals 1str(18hp+hp reg.), 1int(13mana), 1agi(asp+armor), 2 damage. Additional 1 main stat is stolen. And again with each hit you get 4 agi(4 damage+about 1 armor). Each hit +4 damage to you and -2 damage to the target. So 6 damage difference for each hit. Also -18 damage for each hit to target. -36 damage for each hit for str opponents. In a team figt with active berserk, you should get high amount of armor and about +200 damage and max asp. That is why he is a late game hero. That is why essence shift owns. That is why asp is the key. At least for now. And I'm exepting first nerf to essence shift skill :) Other notes are do not forget to use your dark pact skill during combats as cd ends and try to use it before going in combat. It damages 2 secs. after using. In middle game your best chance to catch the target before he espapes is the pounce skill. you have comulative damage like ursa's skill, so do not threat the target or do not waste your pounce if he is not trying to run away before you get 4-5 hits. If there is no risk do not use your pounce and shadow dance at the same time. Both of them are to catch the target and bot of them are enough to use alone. Use them one after other. Use both at the same time just to avoid damage and stun skills while killing one target. And keep in mind pounce is an escape skill if not surrounded with enemies. In that case your hero will stop after hitting the first enemy. So we can't call it an escape. And imo. one of the most painfull enemies is Nerubian weaver. Hard to leave his line of sight while he is chasing you. And of course others are Barathrum's charge, Slardar's ampilify damage and Gondar's track. If you are in fog and still no hp regeneration, this should be charge, track, ampilify damage, nearby wards, invisible minion(including goblin ultimate) or nearby invisible hero following you. Nice alarm system :) And always active. As i said the most useful ultimate in game imo.



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    • profile image

      tirzhaira 5 years ago

      my build:

      power threads


      cranium basher

      S and Y



      pero wala naman yan sa hero at sa build, nasa player pa din yan!

    • profile image

      fuck you 5 years ago


    • profile image

      ZeRtOT.... 5 years ago


    • profile image

      wow 6 years ago

      treadz mom basher bkb buriza tarask

    • profile image

      pikoy 6 years ago

      hahahaha enouhg play to dota lolss

    • profile image

      RaMpaGE!! 6 years ago

      my build is treads,vanguard,/sange&yasha,dagon,butterfly

    • profile image

      Rollin 6 years ago

      Melovence anyone?I always use melovence..what do you think


      VG switch to (SnY later)





    • profile image

      ray.xD 6 years ago

      Mjollnir and basher is the secret key...not MoM replaced it into vlad

    • profile image

      UNKNOWN or SIMSIMI 6 years ago

      harvey weak bayut weak mo gamit eredar og lich weak by unkknown hahahahhahahaha bayut!!!!!!!!palaban bato asta palaban og mama!!!ISOG ISOG pero bayut diay!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P

      weak giro sumbagay lang ta kung gara na kaayu ka weak bayut HARVEY!!!!!!!! BY UNKNOWN BYEBYE WEAK BAYUT HAHAHHAHA!!!!! weak

    • profile image

      ewwwww 6 years ago

      harvey bayut!!!!

    • profile image

      xavier 6 years ago

      i'tink the best build for slark is power thread/m.o.m/m.k.b/busher/vangard..... :D

    • profile image

      Alver 6 years ago

      mga banga mo!!!!!

    • profile image

      slark master 6 years ago

      your slark is weak all of you

      is WEAK!!!!

    • profile image

      slark master 6 years ago

      your build is weak so weak my build in slark is agility treads and rwaithband mom sny butterfly your build is so weak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      freddie 6 years ago

      hi guys check my item for slark my perfect build. I tested it in gg i pawned all 5 of them.







      Try it your self

      my cheap item that can rampge 5 insane Ai



      3.orb of venom

      4.Mask of death

      5.ring of regeneration

    • profile image

      Sub_Zero 6 years ago

      Why MoM?

      He's already soft enough.

      Why not Vladimir.

    • profile image

      francnest 6 years ago

      try this item lothars para maka libang si slark

    • profile image

      shannon L. Miller 6 years ago

      yeah ilike slark because he is very fast when his final skill is activated

    • profile image

      reo 6 years ago

      madness , basher, cuirass

    • profile image

      joshua_killer 6 years ago

      are you weak or noob

      the skill build is:




    • profile image

      franz_18 6 years ago

      it is your own decision f what is the right items for slark....... just do it by ur self and have little experiment with combination of items

    • profile image

      whoknows 6 years ago

      i tried sercan's strategy against barathrum(my archenemy) and it worked!!!His ultimate nether strike wont hit me because of my ultimate shadow dance,then i used mom.He always attacks me but he is the one who always dies!.if u don't believe try fighting barathrum in garena.

    • profile image

      NiceGuy 6 years ago

      Most of the time when I pick on Slark I used to build the item below and Im always number 1 in the game.

      1. Power Threads

      2. Vladimirs

      3. S&Y

      4. Cranium Basher

      5. Cuirass

      6. HOT

    • profile image

      mynameissux 6 years ago

      for build for slark is

      power thread






      hmm...pls comment bcoz im newbie/noobie on dota

    • profile image

      corona 6 years ago

      for me :

      item will be :

      1.) MoM

      2.) basher

      3.) S&Y

      4.) HoT

      5.) MKB

      6.) Threads (STR)

      that will be awesome kiLL !!!!

    • profile image

      Coycoy Laniba 6 years ago

      1)Power Threads

      2)Vanguard or Heart

      3)Cranium Basher

      4)Butterfly or Sange and Yasha

      5)Linken(for greater mana)

      6)Assult or Desolator

    • profile image

      Coycoy Laniba 6 years ago

      Can I have Warcraft 3 game for free??


    • profile image

      Levi=slark=Master 6 years ago

      1.first build-bracer,boots and mask of death

      2.mas of madness,gloves of haste and eaglegorn build-buriza,manta,butterfly,power threads cranium basher and heart of tarasque

    • profile image

      arjhayyyyy 6 years ago

      lvl1 slark 3wraith band basilius.ring of health






    • profile image

      deron 6 years ago

      amff...ur just a weaklings if u cant make slark drew the first blood..just make a clear shot and creeping u don't have to go in the farm site because it will kill slark so easily..^_^

    • profile image

      Pr0_ToTuPoS 7 years ago

      bot agi






    • profile image

      owen 7 years ago

      i have double basher ,treads,s and y and vladimirs

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      for me, its a wrong skill build... mine, lvl 1,3,5,7 essence shift. lvl 2,4,8,9 pounce. lvl 6,11,16 shadow dance. all stats first before dark pact..this will boostup both early and middle game

    • profile image

      john del perfecto el henyo 7 years ago

      slark can defeat all even a 5 insane or even 5 people chaos, but it depend on its items use,,,,slark is so powerful when he had this items;

      1.power treads

      3.battle fury


      5.manta style

      6. aghanisms

      that is the item I used when I play 2 v/s 5 people.......

      wanna try? contact me in this cell # ***********

    • profile image

      john 7 years ago

      slark is so powerful when he had this items;

      1.power treads

      3.battle fury


      5.manta style

      6. aghanisms

      that is the item I used when I play 2 v/s 5 people.......

      wanna try?

    • profile image

      julius 7 years ago

      my fevorite heroes s slark...

    • profile image

      me 7 years ago

      all slark need is heart and vangurd

    • ashleyyoung profile image

      ashleyyoung 7 years ago from United States

      Slark instantly became my favorite when he came out. His third skill is very strong IMO, and with shadow dance + MoM activate, you get to steal lots of stats and make decent damage before you turn visible again, giving you the upper hand in melee. Conversely, dusk of appearance + blade mail are a nice combo to counter him.

    • profile image

      jimmuel 7 years ago

      dapat MoM

    • profile image

      ProSlark 7 years ago

      dudes my build on slark is the best and pwns hard 1 i make wrhat 2 treads 3 mom 4 cranium basher 5 yasha 6 a free slot for my begining build then with yasha i do manta style that is very good to go ahead like a tank with the free slot i do butter in late then if the game is still runing i sell wrath and make tarasq for more hp and hp reg cuz the ulti's pasive gives u a 4%hp regen so with tarasq it gives u 6% but anyway it don't regen 6%

      i played agains pudge with 4 tarasq and he had 7.5k hp and i pwned him very hard so this is the best build

    • profile image

      Nagi (utility) 7 years ago

      4 the last time ,

      vladmir use 4 slark is jerk ,

      slark will be better when use MoM ,

      MoM's aspd make slark faster to take enemy's attribute and get more agility ,

      and the lifesteal 17% ,

      its very good choice right , ?

      And you can take PT Str and poorman's for your live in the beginning !

    • profile image

      Nagi (utility) 7 years ago

      Sorry ,

      i forgot to say ,


      that slark was really fragile in the beginning ,

      (you already said it fool !)

      no !

      I believe ,

      if slark take full dark pact in the beginning ,

      its just make slark more fragile ,

      and just invite enemy to stun and gang slark ,

      just because of slark lack of hp ,


      so ,

      power treads str ,

      poorman's ,

      full pounce and take little attribute in the beginning will be better ,

      for killing too ,

      because slark's hit is very imba ,

      look !


      essence from level 1 and 4 just add the duration .

      Not the attribute !

      And in the beginning ,

      you won't see enemy with 3k hp ,

      and you won't try to kill someone till third tower ,

      so i think ,

      essence 1 level is enough ,


    • profile image

      Nagi (utility) 7 years ago

      What the heck , ?

      TRY THIS and you will say thanks to me ,


      (skill build)

      - essence shift

      - pounce

      - pounce

      - attribute bonus

      - pounce

      - SD

      - pounce

      - attribute bonus

      - essence shift

      - attribute bonus

      - essence shift

      - attribute bonus

      - SD

      - essence shift

      - attribute bonus till slark can't take it ,

      - dark pact





      item build

      beginning ,

      - stout shield .

      - ironwood 3

      - potion up 2 u


      middle game ,

      - poorman's shield ,

      - power treads str 4 its weak hp ,

      - MOM


      Late game ,

      - poorman's

      - power treads agility

      - MOM

      - AT LEAST YASHA (agility asdp ~ mspd items) / cranium ,

      - butter ,

      - (last items depends on condition) u can take ,

      linken ,

      or just bkb or HoT for antisipate gem ,


      slark ,

      - in the beginning ,

      is fragile ,

      you just need pot and stout shield to get dominate in line ,


      if u take skill like above ,

      in level 2 ,

      u can take your first blood from behind ,

      (if u're not a noob , and your pounce is accurate -__-)

      just try ,

      and i believe that you will get your first blood ,

      (more guarantee if u in a lane with stunner)



      MoM make slark so imba in killing with essence shift ,

      just patience ,

      look your enemy's inven ,

      if its has gem or dust ,

      you must be more patience and try to make your enemy use his dust ,

      or just hope ur friends go first ,

      and you kidnap their int , .


      late game ,

      not really different from middle game , .

    • profile image

      x00x 7 years ago

      parang ng ggalin nyo,war lattan

    • profile image

      justtriedthisbuild 7 years ago

      MoM(fast attack&life steal)

      SnY(str&agi attri)

      HoT(HP boost)


      BuF(agi attri)


    • profile image

      Toxxyc 7 years ago

      Well, I know Slark starts off as very weak, but if he is played right you can get kills from much higher lvled players than you with that low HP. I usually get (in an -apso game):

      (Play solo, otherwise you won't get exp needed to lvl quickly)

      01: Ring of Basilius

      02: UG RoB to Vlads

      03: Power Treads (set to Agi)

      04: Vanguard (starting with Ring of Health)

      05: From here I start with Talisman of Evasion and other guarding items (like Stout Shield, etc.)

      After that I take loners as kill for exp, and when I get Slark to about 5 kills within the first 15 mins, he's imba fo' sho'. A well played Slark has delivered me kills from lvl 20 "imba" heroes when I was still on lvl 15, so just play him well, and he's the shit!

    • profile image

      Petek 7 years ago

      Aq byasae gwe treads,madness,vladmir,bloodstone,HOT karo the kupu kupu

    • profile image

      emily 7 years ago

      dash gold is right, now i dond believe on your comment.

    • profile image

      dashgold 7 years ago

      your name noob is perferct for you because your a totally noob, who the hell are you to comment like a

      profesional the spelling of the vanguard you don't know.

      think about it!


      by: dash gold

    • profile image

      noobZ_[l3GenD] 7 years ago

      the most powerfull item for slark

      i recommend you all to use this powerful items.

      1. power threads.

      2. vanguerd.

      3. sange & yasha.

      4. satanic.

      5. heart of tarasque.

      6. buriza do kyanon.

      try to farm double times as before

      make sure you can afford all this item before you reach lvl 16.

      if you got all of this item you will be insane believe me.

      you must buy this item with the sequences as above.

      if you ready, fight me in GARENA.

    • profile image

      dark_angeles_94 7 years ago

      i think it is better if

      it use:

      1.power threads.

      2.sange and yasha.


      4.monkey king bar.

      5.heart of tarasque.

      try this item.

      it will make you so powerfull.

      you can use this for axe too.

    • profile image

      Azzura 7 years ago

      menurut aku , poorman shield

      bracer 2

      power treade { agi lity , }

      sange yasha

      lotar { biar musuh gk tau waktu kita serang }

      difusal blade { abis ikat , di lambatin make di fusal }

      cranium bassher { kalo mau lari musuh nya agak kena stun dikit dikit }

      cristalis { biar sering kritikal }

      buteer fly { support cranium bassher ma cristalis , biar sering stun ma kritikal }


    • profile image

      pipe 7 years ago

      no comment~~ kasi imba talaga

    • profile image

      NoComent 7 years ago

      Best for slark?













      bfury or MoM

    • profile image

      jarrel 7 years ago

      i cannot see the item

    • profile image

      ~GOpS 7 years ago

      plzz!!wat is the best hero in dota for all of you?wat is the best picking of hero in 5 v 5 in cm mode?

    • profile image

      wtf 7 years ago

      all you weak the item of slark is madness treads bfly kuirass heart beacause his hp is shorter

    • profile image

      marche radiuju 7 years ago

      slark isn't imba..

      he's weak against int heroes with gem or wards..

      you should prioritize pounce, essence and shadow dance first...

      build treads then vanguard

      after that you can choose either SNY, desolator or diffusal

      then you can choose either assault ciurass or radiance or both...

      then build butterfly and tarrasque...

      you can replce vanguard with HoT then build either MKB or cranium basher...

      in that way, slark is unbeatable...


    • profile image

      Bone 8 years ago

      Indeed, very well created, fun-to-play and of course amazingly cute hero xD. Its kinda unhealthy as a player to fall in love with full-scale carry like him, but i play with him as much as i can, really cant get enough of him - feels to me a bit like the Madman (works a bit differently but the same role and way of playing).

      Also, I usually use my Madman build for him:

      Power treads






      (not quite a need for Linken or BKB since Slark can prevent stuns with his 1st skill and can go invis).

      What's definitely true is that hes not that strong by himself buit if given a chance he gets the rampage (at that point, there's a bit of resemblance with the cute Killer bunny from Monty Pythons Holy grail :))

    • profile image

      shadow man 8 years ago

      hu wan to challenge me in garena?my nickname is,chaos.killer

    • profile image

      aedasdad 8 years ago

      wlang kwenta

    • profile image

      Dota-Allstars 8 years ago

      My usual build for slark.

      Starting items:

      2 poormans shield

      quelling blade


      power threads (strength)


      -with these items you can survive, at the same time push. remember, quelling blade will add damage to creeps, with vladimirs, you will have higher chance to feed the enemy's p, plus you have regen. addition to this, you have a blocking shields for the creeps.

      Mid-game items:

      Power Threads (strength)


      Sange Yasha (this will max out your MS if you already have your final skill)

      Diffusal Blade (for purge and sure kill, purge, maim plus pounce equals sure kill)

      Battle Fury (this will add damage plus regen. at the same time it will be an easy money)

      Potion Bottle (for storing power ups)

      Late Game Items:

      Butterfly (agi and evasion)

      HoT (HP and regen)

      BoT (MS)

      MKB (stun effect plus damage)

      Cuirass (armor plus minus 5 aura, attack speed)

      Sange Yasha (aditional strength and agi)

      Skill Tree:






      SD (final skill)




      Dark Pact


      Dark Pact

      Stat Points

      Dark Pact

      Stat Points


      Dark Pact

      Stat Points (remaining)

    • profile image

      furqan 8 years ago

      i think the core items is bot and offering

    • profile image

      CDa 8 years ago

      Slark is not imba he's realy weak because of his low str but put some attri. items god u can rampage them. my build:MoM, treds (agi)for bonus asp., of course basher, SnY for attri. bonus, Bfly, Ethreal Blade = GG :D

    • profile image

      yourallwrong 8 years ago

      this review is really wrong, you should get max essence shift asap, get ulti by level 6 and level up pounce, don't think of getting dark pact unless you need to counter enemy buffers or for farming, you don't really need it. At level 2, this hero can kill unwary enemies with just essence shift and pounce. For early game, magic stick is good for surviving until you're level 6 if your lane enemies are casters. by level 6, you can kill easily with just little support, if the enemy has no area stun or does not see invisible. For me best item build would be TReads, SNY, vladimirs, basher, butterfly.

    • profile image

      grace 8 years ago

      hood of defiance/vanguard?

      those item are for those who are WEAK!

      im a girl, and i don't like hood of defiance and vanguard. haha

    • profile image

      burat 8 years ago

      it must:

      captain america

      hood of defiance


      treads (str)

    • profile image

      ken adrian 8 years ago

      cranium basher u must have it

    • profile image

      imbaplayer 8 years ago

      no need of bfur....

      the build will be

      str treads





      this is more thn enough......

    • profile image

      unknown 8 years ago

      My Normal build:

      1.Treads 2.MoM 3.Basher 4.Bfury 5.Bfly 6.HoT

      if there are heroes with a single target skill like doom or finger then i get linken instead of bfury.If there are hard to kill heroes like dragon knight of treant the i get desolator and vlads intead of MoM and Bfury.If there are late game heroes that can easily take me on 1on1 like troll,void and mortred then i get blademail and Manta..sometimes i also get MKB if there are heroes with miss abilities like mortred and troll and panda, coz MKB has trueshot meaning you wont miss.

      For his skill..i get the third skill once only the 2nd and stats i will max out along with his last skill, his 1st skill i only get if there are pushers like brood mama and furion..but if not then i leave it till the end.

      to counter this hero just get dust of appearance..and pick troll..:D

    • profile image

      jeffrey 8 years ago

      imba talga slark, halimaw, haha, xD

    • profile image

      Santouryou 8 years ago

      He is really a pubstomper but he isn't that imba.In pro games (Im not talking about pub games) he is really easy to disable.Just pick rhasta (who knows what is "dust") or a slardar (since track can remove with dark pacts remove debuffs efect , gondar is useless)

    • profile image

      whitespyder 8 years ago

      risk a gem/dust/wards early....he will be toast

    • profile image

      althabois  8 years ago

      hmmmm... aganims,oblivion,mechanism,

    • profile image

      whatever 8 years ago

      if u think u r better, write it by urself and read it by urself.

    • profile image

      mark 8 years ago


    • profile image

      scrappy bobo 8 years ago

      for low HP.. start with bracer.

      at level 6 get MOM and have fun to your enemy while attacking

      him with MoM active...

      awesome hero.. others say his IMBA. perhaps, maybe...

    • Sercan Yargıç profile image

      Sercan Yargıç 8 years ago from Turkey / Denizli

      What is wrong with them?

    • profile image

      King 8 years ago

      this is not a valid review, some of the details specified for this hero is invalid. For example, the pros and cons.


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