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Double Bug House Chess

Updated on March 15, 2011

You will need

Two chess boards with all the pieces.

If you want a fast game you will need clocks, but this is not required.

Number of players

Four Players in Teams of Two

  Double Bug House Chess is an intense variation of normal chess played all over the world. I was first introduced to it in 1996 in the eighth grade and I was happy to discover they were still playing many years later when I returned to visit my middle school.



Set the boards up side by side, with the pieces in the exact same places. If you are playing white your teammate is playing black.

During play, the exact same rules are in effect, however when you capture your opponent's piece you must hand that piece to your teammate and your teammate will hand all of the pieces he captures to you.

When it's your turn, you may place that piece on the board in lieu of moving a piece all ready on the board. You can place your opponent's king in check or checkmate, you can block your own king, or you can threaten to capture another piece.

You can only capture an opponent's piece with pieces you have on the board and you cannot place a captured pawn on the back file to promote it.

Once you or your teammate are placed in checkmate, your team loses the match, so use your pieces wisely and play this game skillfully as you would play a normal chess game.

The only difference between Double Bug House and regular chess is what you do with the pieces once you capture them. The number of pieces on the board can shrink or expand at any given time and just like regular chess the strategies are endless.

Why This is a Good Game for Kids and Adults

  Teamwork and good communication skills are required to enjoy this game. Regular chess forces you to focus and think out every move and Double Bug House requires you to think of your teammate as well as your opponent.


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