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Dr. Salvador - Strategy to kill him

Updated on January 26, 2010


In Resident Evil 4, the most common enemies you’ll encounter throughout the game are the lousy and stinky Ganados. These Ganados appear completely humans and even act like ones. However, when someone not belonging with them enters their domains, they will immediately bring out their weapons such as knives or any stabbing objects, switch to attack mode, and come after that person to slaughter him/her. These hostile freaks, however, are easily dealt with. A player can easily take out a lone unarmed ganado with the knife. In fact, it’s possible to kill several ganados with just the knife(it may sound crazy but yes I’ve done this due to years of mastering the game) without taking any damage, though it requires great timing which is not really hard once the player gets used to the game. If you want to eliminate multiple assholes at once without wasting time, a single hand-grenade is sufficient enough to scatter their flesh in every directions(at least during the first stages of the game for later in the island, commandos can withstand any type of grenades). However, there is one type of ganado with impressive durability and a unique weapon that can kill the character in a matter of seconds.

Dr. Salvador

This is Dr. Salvador. No one knows if he really was a doctor, but some Resident Evil Gamers would assume that he was a type of doctor who performed amputations. This guy is extremely dangerous as long as left alive, and must be taken out immediately.

Dr. Salvador is definitely the toughest dickhead in the village. He is perhaps the deadliest and meanest guy in the game if you ask me. He can kill Leon exponentially faster than Krauser and the Verdugo can ever do. He’s capable of withstanding several shotgun blasts and even hand-grenades. He is still too slow though and can be easily outrun. He appears several times in the main game.

For first-time gamers, the best weapon to use against the dick is the shotgun or the more powerful Riot Gun. Either weapons have enough recoil to knock him down, thus giving Leon an opportunity to either finish him off without the risk of being decapitated or run off to safety. Once down, keep blasting him till he cries. He is not that challenging once you get used to him. Almost whenever you encounter him he’s always with other ganados, requiring you to use a shotgun to deal with the crowd along with him. However, there are instances when he’s alone, which is good so you can conserve shotgun shells by performing the following method.

Believe it or not, Dr. Salvador can be killed using the knife, though it can be time consuming since the knife is the weakest weapon in the game. You just have to master the game.

Later in the game, you’ll encounter female chainsaw-psychos. They have exactly the same amount of durability as Salvador and attack in the same manner by decapitation so whatever method you've used to deal with Salvador surely works on them.


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