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Dragon Age Awakening Shadow

Updated on October 27, 2010

Dragon Age Shadow

Dragon Age Shadow
Dragon Age Shadow

Dragon Age Awakening Shadow

In Dragon Age Awakening, the shadow is introduced. The dragon age awakening shadow is a new specialization of the epic dragon age series. Dragon Age Origins started the series and is followed by dragon age awakening and various dragon age downloadable contents including the last installment dragon age

The dragon age awakening shadow is almost impossible to strike at. Combined with the rogue skills, the enemy will not know what hit them with a few dragon age origins tactics modification.

Dragon Age Awakening Shadow Attributes and Talents

The dragon age awakening shadow should have at least 50 plus on dexterity, and then the player should spend leveling up building up his strength attribute. The next 2 important attributes could be cunning and willpower. Constitution is important, but since no one can truly hit the dragon age awakening shadow, having enough of constitution is important, but it is not absolutely necessary to have supremely high constitution. Hit points can be further improved with vitality.

The dragon age awakening shadow has the following talents -

  • Shadow Form - allows the shadow to blend into the shadows, so that he becomes harder to hit. The harder to hit, the more the enemy loses interest
  • Decoy - the shadow creates a decoy to distract the enemy and then the actual shadow can escape in stealth
  • Shadow Striking - increases backstab damage and critical damage in shadow form
  • Pandemomium - airborne toxin released by the shadow confuses the enemy, causing them to flee, or become disorientated and attack each other

Dragon Age Awakening - Blending the Shadow and Rogue Skills

Blending the Shadow and Rogue Skill is the ultimate pinnacle of the whole rogue specialization skill tree.

First approach the enemy in stealth. At high levels and high dexterity, the rogue is undetectable. Then use dirty fighting to stun the enemy. The next step is automatically a backstab. With dexterity and strength high enough, this is an automatic hit, and using a weapon with an additional damage from backstab will ensure high damage. Once the enemy recovers, he may not have enough hit points left to continue. if he does, or if the shadow is hit and losing hit points (hard to imagine as the shadow is almost impossible to hit), then go into stealth mode or shadow form mode and escape. Then round 2 begins, and strike the enemy again using stealth as mentioned above.

The dragon age awakening shadow rocks!


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