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Dragon Age Inquisition & Battlefield Hardline Delayed Release Date!

Updated on July 22, 2014

Delay of EA Games

Both Dragon Age Inquisition and Battlefield Hardline release dates are getting pushed back. Dragon Age Inquisition's original release date was dated for October 7th, 2014. It is now going to instead release on Nov.18 in North America, and Nov.21 for Europe. Battlefield Hardline, however, is not going to release until early 2015.

Why Is Battlefield Hardline Being Delayed?

Players had the opportunity to play the Battlefield Hardline Beta. Beta's allow gamer's to see what a game may be like before its final release. Developers also get player feedback from gamers to see what they may want improved in the game; whether that is adding or taking away particular features that may be in the game. Visceral & EA pushed back the release date of Hardline so they could facilitate player feedback. This is generally a good thing because it means the final product of the game will probably be what the majority of what gamer's want to see in the game.

"The more we thought about these ideas, the more we knew we had to get them into the game you will all be playing," EA's website reads. "However, there was only one problem. We would need more time. Time that we didn’t have if we decided to move forward with launching in just a couple of months."

Dragon Age Inquisition

Developers (Bioware) delayed Dragon Age Inquisition simply to make sure the game's final product is ready. Sometimes a video game is released too early and ends up having problems like glitches, malfunctions, etc. And Inquisition will be the first Dragon Age game to also release on next gen consoles, so it only makes logical sense to push the release date of a game back if it's not quite ready. It also may have something to do with sales. Many mainstream games are released in November because it is close to Christmas.

"We appreciate the enormous support we’ve received from all of you to get to this point, and while this extra few weeks may not seem like a lot, I know the game you’ll play will be all the better for it," executive producer Mark Darrah said in a press release."

Author Note

I know some consumers may be disappointed when video game release dates are pushed back, but this is not always a terrible thing. Some ambitious games release too early and suffer from frame rate issues, graphical issues, gameplay issues, and other things that may plaque the game. The more time developers work on a game, the more likely the game will be a good finished product (not plagued by issues).

Dragon Age 2 had great role playing elements, major choices you could make that affected the game in a profound way, and decent combat. Unfortunately, the game had repetitive dungeon environments. Perhaps Inquisition will have less repetitive environments since Bioware has more time to work on the game. There are no guarantees of course.


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