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Dragon City Game: Food, Habitats and Buildings Guide

Updated on April 14, 2014

Dragon City

Dragon City is an awesome game that has quickly become one of the most played games on Facebook. The game not only features dozens of types of dragons but also provides an extremely immersive gameplay experience. The main aim for players in the aim is to earn gold and breed stronger dragons as the game progresses and ultimately challenge other players to earn various prizes.

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Elements make up the most important aspect in the game. There are a total of 12 elements in the game: Terra, Sea, Flame, Nature, Metal, Electric, Ice, Dark, Light, War, Pure and Legend. Each element has its own associated characteristics and thus make for unique gameplay progression. Depending on the element of the dragon, each dragon thus earns different amounts of gold/minute. For example, although Flame dragons have a higher maximum gold limit they make lesser amount of gold per minute.


In the storyline of Dragon city, there are many characters that players will come across on numerous occasions. The purpose of these characters is to help you reach your goals and they congratulate you once you achieve them. There are a total of five of these in the game - Dues, Nefus, Aurelia, Parsival, Cortesia. However these characters have just been planted in the game to provide for a better experience and do not affect the gameplay in any way.


There are different types of habitats in the game, each suited for different types of dragons
depending on their elements. Once a dragon hatches, the player has to place it in the right type of habitat. However if a dragon has more than one element, it can be placed in any of the two habitats for the associated elements.

However you will need help from your friends in order to access the Ice and Metal habitats. In case you do not have any friends to take help from, you can even open those using gems that you have gained in the game.



Gold is the currency used in Dragon city and it can be collected through the dragons' habitats or even by selling dragon eggs, the dragons themselves and some other items as well. Gold can also be gained by winning tournaments or bonuses. Finally players can also participate in daily rewards to gain gold although getting it through the dragon's habitats is the primary way.


Gems also play an important part in the game as they are used to buy rare dragons. Players can earn gems by entering into PVP combat fights and winning the combat tournament that is held every 6 hours. If you want gems for free, there are 32 ways you can get them. However as they are offers, you would need to complete them in order to earn the gems. Mostly they're surveys that you would need to finish. You can even earn gems upon completing the dragon book wherein you breed dragons to complete the collection. Finally, gems can also be gained by taking part in daily and Monday bonuses.


In Dragon City, the dragons need food in order to gain experience and level up. Dragon food is mostly produced in farms that players have the option to upgrade to produce several different types of food. If you have enough gold in hand, you can get food from the dragon market in exchange for gold. As a rule, the higher the level of your dragon, the more food it needs to be fed.

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Finally coming to the buildings in the game, let me quickly take you through the several types of buildings available in Dragon City:

Farms: Farms are the easiest way to produce food for your dragons in the game. By building farms you will not only gain food but also gain experience in the game. In order to produce different types of food and gain access to more features, players have the option of upgrading their farms as they progress in the game.

Crystals: Crystals are like artefacts, a unique one for each element and they can be placed anywhere on the map of the game. All Crystals have a build time of 6 hours and tend to affect the habitats of the same type within a confined radius. The use of these items is that they increase the money production for all dragons of the matching element in any habitat within the radius by 20%! Crystals can also be stacked with themselves, and if the dragon has 2 elements or more, they can even be stacked with each other.

Temples: Temples are buildings in the game that enable your dragons to be fed to a higher level. There are six different types of temples in Dragon City and unlike boosts temples work on all dragons you have even ones far from the temple. When you go for the Magic Temple, you can continue to feed your dragon up to level 15 whereas by buying a noble temple, you can get your dragon to up to level 20. Similarly, Knight temple allows you to take your dragon to level 25 and master temple up to level 30. Finally, with Epic Temples, dragons can reach level 35 and with a Wonder temple, you can make your dragon soar to level 40!

However each such temple comes with an increasing cost and the build time also keeps going up when you go for better temples.

Breeding Mountain: In order to be able to breed your dragons, you will need to build a breeding mountain. When you put two dragons in this building, they will begin to breed.

Ultra Breeding Tree: It also allows you to breed your dragons and is simply an alternative to the breeding mountain. You can also speed up the breeding of the dragons by spending gems.

Dues Breeding Nest: This is another building in the game for the purpose of breeding dragons. In this, when you place two dragons here, the magic takes place in a nest!


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