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Dragon City Walkthrough: Game Guide for Beginners

Updated on May 22, 2014
Hikapo | Source

Dragon City for Beginners

A lot of things can be confusing when you first start out. Dragon City is a game that focuses on breeding dragons and then using them to fight later against other players for fun. The game starts you off with no only a hatchery and they give you a brief guide on the Terra Habitat and the Flame Habitat.

I am going to break the guide down to the following sections:

  • Leveling, Gems and Gold
  • Dragons and Habitats
  • Food
  • Dragon Combat

Leveling, Gems and Gold

Leveling in Dragon City is relatively simple. You gain levels by getting experience from building habitats, breeding dragons, clearing trees and stones, visiting other player's city and also fighting in the Dragon Stadium or Tournaments.

When you gain a level, you get a gem.


Gems are like the most valuable item in the entire game. It can be used to buy rare dragons, speed up building time, hire workers to open your building, expand your land and much more. Anything that you need to do and quickly, gems will do the job for you. However, it costs real money. There are some ways you can get gem though. You can get them through the Dragon Stadium or the Player League Tournament. Winning it gives you 2 gems.


Gold is the currency that you use to build your buildings. Dragons help you earn gold every minute. Each type of Dragon gives different gold per minute.

Dragon Elements

dragoncity | Source

Dragons and Habitats

Each Dragon from different habitats gives different gold/min.

The best gold/min basic Dragon is the Terra Dragon. However, the Terra habitat does not allow you to store too much gold. It only allows 500 max gold. Your best bet is to breed the Terra Dragon with the Flame Dragon to create either the Flaming Rock Dragon or Volcano Dragon and put them in the flame habitat which can store 7500 gold.

Sea Dragon gives less gold/min, but its habitat can carry 10000 gold. If you are not very active, just build the sea habitat and breed Terra and Sea Dragon and put them in sea habitats.

Below is a list of the basic habitats and the max gold that you can store:

Terra: 200 Capacity: 2

Fire: 7500 Capacity: 2

Sea: 10000 Capacity: 1

Nature: 7500 Capacity: 2

Electric: 3000 Capacity: 2

Ice: 15000 Capacity: 1

Metal: 15000 Capacity: 2

Dark: 20000 Capacity: 2

Please note that Ice and Metal habitats require gems to in order for you to open them. You can also hire your friends to do it for you.


Food is used to feed your dragons so that they level up and earn you more gold/min. To make food, you can either build a farm and grow food or get them from daily or Monday rewards. Occasionally you can watch videos to earn 1000 food.

You need to feed your dragon 4 times to level it up. Your dragon starts off at level 1. Every level up doubles the consumption of food. Below is the list for you to get your dragon to level 10.

Level 2: 20

Level 3: 40

Level 4: 80

Level 5: 160

Level 6: 320

Level 7: 640

Level 8: 1280

Level 9: 2560

Level 10: 5120

You need a total of 10220 food to get your dragon to level 10. In order for you to get your dragon higher than level 10, you will need to get to level 20 to build the Magic Temple that allows your dragons to reach level 15.

Dragon Combat

Once your dragon gets stronger after feeding them, you should start participating in Dragon Tournaments. This can be done by building the Dragon Stadium. It requires 2 gems to open if you cannot find friends to help you.

Defeating the dragons in the Dragon Tournament will earn you 2 gems and some gold. It can be done every 12 hours. Before you start the tournament, make sure you check and see which tournament you are entering. If it is a all ice dragon tournament, don't bring Terra dragons in there. You are only allowed to bring 3 dragons, so make sure you bring the right dragons to battle.

Player tourneys can be done every 6 hours. You win them by defeating everyone in your league. You get 2 gems and some gold.

Below is a list of the weaknesses of each dragon type.

0 = No Effect

0.5 = Weak Damage

1 = Normal Damage

2 = Critical Damage

Dragon City Walkthrough Conclusion

This game is an extremely fun game to play. It is like Pokémon, except that they leave it out RPG element of it. I hoped this guide helped you to clear up some stuff on the game. Good luck breeding!


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      5 years ago

      Thanks for telling that only ice and meltal habitats need gems I thought

      Dark habitats need gems Dark habitats don't need gems thanks


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