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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part Eight: Crescent Cove

Updated on April 19, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

Woo! Ogden has triumphed! Thanks to his slick combination of battle prowess and spellslinging he now has the Hero's Shield… or at least a rusted version of the thing. Two items down, two to go. Off to new territory!

You're probably low on health and MP by this point, so unless you want to risk losing all the money you accumulated on the trip down you should use a Rope to exit the dungeon and Wyvern Powder to zip back to town. No one here has anything new to say, so, yeah, you'd best be looking for an alternate adventure.

The adventure you want lies to the south. Follow the shoreline from Bluefin until you find a bridge. Follow the landscape far south to a desert, then head southeast to the coast. The city of Crescent Cove awaits you here. On the way you'll encounter enemies common to the Volcano, though once you get past the desert they'll change to some new faces:

  • Deadly, Deadly Birds. Straightforward but painful, Deadly, Deadly Birds will alternate between physical attacks and fireballs. Silencios is an option.
  • Really Gross Tentacles. Lots of HP and some offensive strength, but not much else. Standard procedure here - just smack it into oblivion.

You may want to use these enemies to earn some cash, as Crescent Cove has things to buy. Time to delve into the town!


The local flophouse costs a pricey 100 gold, a big step up from 'free' earlier in the chapter. Check the bookshelves for more wisdom from Warren Q. Porkbringer.

Flower Shop

North of the Inn, Sally's House o' Flowers has seen better days. Sally's missing her boyfriend, who apparently got lost in the Mines to the north, and doesn't care that you want no flowers. Might have to do something about that.

Merchant's Market

The store next to the flower shop has the usual assortment of goods. You'll also find more people bewailing the state of the mines. Yep, next destination is obvious.

Elder's House

East of the market is the home of the town's elder, who assures you that boats will be coming soon. But… not yet. There are things to read, and naught else.


Positioned next to the elder's home. Save, save, save!

Weapon and Armour Shops

You'll find these two staples of urban living just south of the church. The weapon shop has nothing new (though it may at least remind you to sell the Golden Sword you found in the Volcano - you'll get full price for it!), but the armour shop has plenty of fresh equipment. The Forged Armor, Helmet and Shield will give your defences a significant boost, and you'll need that extra kick when you head to the next dungeon. You don't need to buy it all, but at least getting one of the above is recommended. (Not the Forged Armor, though. You'll find some soon.)


That leaves one building, and it's your standard bank. You're earning more and more money these days, so if you have plenty left over after any potential shopping sprees and you're about to head out you may want to stick it in here.

Crescent Cove doesn't have any ships at the moment, and judging by the word of the villagers somebody - possibly several somebodies - needs help in the Mines to the north. Make haste, gentle Ogden!


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