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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part Eleven: Heir Unapparent

Updated on April 19, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

Ogden's story has been told, the Dark Lord is defeated, and Prince Marlon saved from the clutches of evil. But what of Anders, the brother of Marlon, who appears to have been on a journey parallel to Ogden's? What befell this young man on his own quest?

The Heir Unapparent begins back in Wester, returning to the attack of the Dark Knight. Anders has been locked into the castle and must find a way out. Check the east wing of the castle and you'll find only a single person awake, a 'Chest Manstrong' who will happily accompany his prince on getting out of the castle. Save your progress with the priest in the throne room, buy a bunch of Herbs and Antidotes from the merchant, and step on the obvious switch behind the queen's throne to find a secret passage.

Back here you'll find three chests containing two Potato Juices and an Herb. You'll also find a path leading northward that's filled with enemies. You may have two party members for once, but you still need to stay on your toes.

  • Stinky Sewer Goblins. These guys don't seem too bad at first, but they can use a magic attack capable of dealing a decent amount of damage to Anders. Keep your health high.
  • Grody Sludge Zombies. Not much to say here; just don't let them get Anders' HP too low.
  • Slitherin' Sams. These snakes are probably the most dangerous enemies in the sewers. Freezios, once you have it at level 2, is the safest way to deal with one.
  • Lil' Sparky. They're evasive, but they're not difficult - and they offer a nice amount of experience, to boot.

Head north to find a larger section of the sewers beneath Wester. Across the first bridge and a short way west is an Herb. Head east and across the next bridge. Next to it is an Iron Helmet for Chest. Continue south for a split. Go west to find two Herbs, then go east and north to find a ceremonial chamber. Conclusions will be reached, and a new destination set. Keep going north to a new area.

There are two paths north. Take the right path first to find an Iron Shield, again for Chest. Take the left path and go all the way north to find a treasure chest with Iron Armor inside. You know who gets it. Return to the split, go east, check the northern bridge for an Herb, and continue west. To the left of the path is an Iron Sword and an Herb.

To the north is a small room with a campfire that will allow you to rest and save. Do so, then check the room to your left. The way out of the sewers is hereā€¦ but it's blocked by a foul fiend.

Rat King

This is an easy enough fight. If you're feeling conservative you can let Chest do all the fighting with his new gear while Anders hangs back and heals. The battle's not so difficult that this is necessary, though, and with a healing room nearby you can afford to mash the Rat King with any of Anders' spells. All hit for roughly the same damage (though I had the best luck with Lectrios).

The path is clear after the Rat King goes down. Head up the ladder and you'll emerge in Wester. Unequip the stuff you gave to Chest previously and return to the castle!


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