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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part Nine: The Mines

Updated on April 19, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

A visit to Crescent Cove has yielded an abundance of evidence that something foul waits inside the Mines to the north. Ogden's a bonafide hero, so he'd best go check out the situation and make sure nobody's in real danger.

As with most dungeons, the Mines offer a bevy of new monsters to fight.

  • Zombie Bills. These creatures are horribly dangerous, as they can both poison you and put you to sleep. They offer a nice amount of gold, but fighting Zombie Bills isn't worth the trouble. Consider running.
  • Skeleton Captains. Silence, hit. These guys don't mess around, and they're decent threats.
  • Miner Offenders. Though these ghostly creatures can be a pain with their sleep attack, they're worth a hefty 300 gold per kill. Oooo! Silencios to kick off the battle is a good idea.
  • Slick Con Men. You've seen their type before; these ones are just as evasive and a bit stronger. Ogden's armour still shouldn't have any trouble warding off their attacks.

The path immediately splits when you enter the Mines. Start by heading north until you see a set of train tracks. At the side of it is a chest with 500 gold. You can continue north from here, but a mysterious figure will prevent passage. Backtrack and go east to find stairs.

The path splits again at the bottom of the stairs. Start by going east and south. There's Wyvern Powder past the first bridge, and in the south of the area is a line of tracks leading both east and west. To the west you'll find Forged Armor. To the east is another bridge leading north; near the top you'll find an Antidote and a Turboherb.

Head west and the tracks will lead south, to what appears to be a gap in the floor. You can nevertheless walk over this and find two chests containing a Golden Sword and a Turboherb. Head back north and keep going west to find a long, southern walk. At the end is a path to another area.

Go north through this narrow mineshaft. Along the way you'll find a Rope, and at the end is 2,000 gold and a Miner's Trinket. Score! Use the Rope you just got to warp back out of the Mines.

Head to Crescent Cove and check out the flower shop on the west side of town. The owner, Sally, will recognize the Miner's Trinket as one she gave her boyfriend Harry. She gives you Flowers to leave in the Mines to honour her fallen boyfriend…

… who may not be quite so fallen as she thinks. Return to the Mines and take the northern path from the entrance. Not far from here is the figure that blocked your progress earlier. Talk to him and, yep, it's Harry. He and Sally will have an… odd… reunion, and Harry will step out of the way so Ogden can go up the stairs he was blocking.

The path here leads to a cliff's edge, and on it waits a phantasm of great power. Boss battle!

The Faceless Death

Hopefully you didn't use much MP getting here, as the Faceless Death demands constant healing. This foul fiend alternates between physical hits that do in the 30s, a fire attack that can hit for upwards of 70 HP (ouch!) and a microbial attack that will poison Ogden if it sticks. It can also heal itself, but does so infrequently. You'll have a difficult time getting past this battle without Healiara, as Faceless Death can potentially kill you if your HP is below 80. Heal whenever your health drops below this threshold, immediately cure Ogden of poisoning when it happens, and keep wailing on the beast. It will eventually go down.

The Hero's Armor Ogden expected to find in the Mines is… sigh… not here. Return to the happy couple in the previous area and talk to Harry. He says that the armor is probably at an oasis in the middle of the desert near the Mines. Leave and head to the desert in the west and you'll find the Rusty Hero's Armor in the sand on the southern tile surrounding the oasis. Woo! That's three items down! Back to town!


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