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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part Nineteen: Traveller's Mountain Shrine

Updated on April 20, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

Two ventures down, one to go. Jerald and Ramona almost have enough cash to afford passports. There's one last mission for you to undertake, perhaps the most dangerous of the lot.

Leave Sandheim from the west side of town. You're now in fresh territory, with some fresh encounters. It's not a good idea to face the creatures out here without Ramona's TurboSlap, as poisoning is common, so avoid this side of Sandheim at least until she's on the team.

  • Mr. Stingees are nothing new, but they can be a pain. Kill they quickly with TurboSlap. You can steal an Antidote from them.
  • Freedom Rocks are pretty much what you'd expect of the rock family by now. You can steal an Herb from these mutton-chopped minions.

Head northwest from town. You'll find the Traveller's Mountain Shrine set into the rocks. Enter and, as you proceed, you'll find more enemies, most of them repeats from earlier quests.

  • Wolfmen make a return here. You can steal Herbs from them.
  • Magic Kids also make a comeback. You can steal Herbs from them.
  • Bwains are magic users that can do a significant amount of damage. Take them out first. You can steal Herbs from these bizarre creatures. (In fact, you can steal Herbs from just about everything in this chapter. Handy.)

Head north when you enter the area. Atop one of the first cliffs you can access is a chest with an Herb. Go west from this intersection to find a Hoodie. Return to the intersection and head north to find a path laden with greenery; go south along it to find 250 gold and an Herb in treasure chests. Keep going west along the greenery to find a new section.

There's a cave nearby. Enter it and you'll wind up at a crossroads leading north, east and west. Check to the east first. On a corner of the path are an Herb and a Rope, and to the south is another Herb. Return to the crossroads and head west to find Padded Leather Armor. To the north are an Herb and a door.

You'll find yet another Herb on a ledge outside. Grab it and head to the western cave. Inside? Another split! Go west to find 500 gold in a chest, then backtrack. Follow the northern path and make your way past the first cave exit you see to the second. On a ledge outside is a Bandit's Dagger. Return to the previous exit.

The rest of the way up is nice and straightforward. It will lead you to the summit, where, amid several statues, you'll find a Mountain Orb. Return to the previous area and you can use a Rope to escape and return to the base of the mountain. Take the Mountain Orb to the Thieves' Guild and the secretary will give you a mighty 10,000 gold in exchange.

If you've been doing the quests in order and not overspending, you'll now have at least 20,000 to exchange for passports. The secretary recommends heading over to Sandheim Castle and swapping cash for passports, as the guards there are susceptible to bribery. Off you go!


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