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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part Seventeen: Oasis

Updated on April 20, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

Jerald has a mission. He wants to get out of Sandheim with his niece Ramona, and to do it he needs passports. They'll run him roughly 20,000 gold. Pretty harsh - but the Thieves' Guild has some jobs for the pair that will help them pony up the dough. Before you head out, despite the need for money, it's wise to upgrade your equipment. You'll be facing a fair number of enemies, and you'll want the best stuff you can afford.

The first job on the list is checking out an Oasis to the north of Sandheim. Leave town through the eastern side and travel north, into the desert. Not far from the coast you'll see a U-shaped stretch of water with a pit in the middle. Enter the pit to find the Oasis.

You're now on a map that's conspicuously empty, save for cacti and water. Make your way to the northwest section of the map and you'll find the pit depicted on the world map. It will suck you in and take you into an underground dungeon. There are some enemies to trounce down here:

  • Audrey. These plants aren't too tough, and they offer a nice amount of experience. Use Ramona's TurboSlap attack to hit them both at once and quicken the fight. You can steal Herbs from Audreys.
  • Bloody Skeletons are nothing new, but they're tough enough. You can steal Herbs from Bloody Skeletons.

The cave beneath the oasis is fairly straightforward. Make your way north after the fall, along the water's edge. Where the path splits you'll find an Herb. Go south at the split and you'll find a Brimmed Hat in a chest. Head back north and up to the doorway surrounded by greenery.

The path splits again in the next section. Down the eastern path are two treasure chests containing an Herb and an Antidote, and if you follow it to the end you'll find 500 gold. North along the previous path is another split. Go north along the water's edge and, in three separate niches, you'll find three chests containing an Oasis Emerald (the prize you wanted), 500 gold, and a Katana.

Wander south from the Katana's chest along the east wall. In the far south is a set of stairs that will take you back to a previous room. You'll find a rope that leads back up to the surface. All done!

Take the Oasis Emerald you found back to the Thieves' Guild in Sandheim. The secretary will happily bestow a major bounty upon Jerald for the find: 5,000 gold. Sweet! Using this, as well as the cash you earned getting the Emerald in the first place, you should upgrade your equipment to optimal and prepare your team of two for the worst. The challenges get more difficult from here. Any money you don't use should be stowed in the bank, as you don't want to risk losing half of it while adventuring.

(At this point you are done with the Oasis, and can ignore it completely. Nevertheless, between Jerald's normal attacks and Ramona's TurboSlap, this is a fantastic place to level and earn money. If nothing else, try to level Ramona up enough so she has some MP attacks… as well as the MP to actually use 'em. Healing Kindness will save you some gold spent on Herbs.)


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