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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part Six: Bluefin

Updated on April 18, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

Ogden has a new mission which is really just an extension of his old mission: retrieve Prince Marlon from the Dark Lord. Now, though, he has to retrieve four rather heroic pieces of equipment (he's already got one of them) before he can carry out the task. To this end he's off to Bluefin!

You'll land at Bluefin's small port. Looks like there's a new town to explore. Let's have a look around.


This happy little institution sits on the edge of the port. Use it if necessary.


The highlight of Bluefin is a marketplace beside the beach. The first store from the left offers a variety of expendable items; the only new thing to get is Potato Juice for restoring MP. Not a terrible idea to get one or two for an emergency. The armour shop offers only one new item, the Iron Shield, worth getting if you have the cash. Last is a weapons shop which offers a Forged Sword. It offers a big attack boost, but it's also quite expensive.


You can have a snooze in the large building beside the market for 50 gold. You'll her plenty about a Volcano not far from here. You may recall something about a Volcano from the Woodsman…?


This tiny structure stands on the western edge of town. There are some oddball books to read in here, as well.


There's a large club in the north of Bluefin that's quite obviously employed and frequented by pirates. The head honcho is in a back room which you need to complete a variety of minor tasks to access.

  • Speak to the man in front of the door.
  • Next, chat with the fellow in the next room over, watching the dancer.
  • Take the doubloons you're given to the southernmost man in the Inn. He'll, uh, give you dirty magazines to take back.
  • The man in the club isn't done with you yet. He wants you to deliver a lump o' gold.
  • Take it to the right vendor on the lower line of stands in the market. He'll shape a key for you.
  • Take the key to the guy by the door and he'll let you in… after some persuasion from a dude named Anders. Name sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Head in and talk to the pirate captain. He's willing to help out by providing Ogden with a key to enter the pirate's base, which is set into the aforementioned Volcano. Unfortunaely, he has one last errand: he wants Ogden to fetch his soda, which he buried just south of a lone mountain near Wester. Sail back to Wester and wander a short ways east of town to find the aforementioned mountain; step on the tile south of it to find the Pirate Soda.

Have a nap before you get back onto the boat, because as soon as you do you'll run into some unprecedented trouble: the Kraken rises from the waves. Uh oh!


This battle is fairly easy if you've been upgrading your weapon and armour consistently. The Kraken hits Ogden with attacks that are roughly as strong as that of a Lt. Slicey, which is to say decently strong. Keep your HP above 40 and keep whacking at it with physical attacks or Blastios to bring it low. Easy enough. Beating the Kraken will earn you an Old Key.

Return to the pirate captain. You'll learn that he's a big jerk, but either way, you have your key. Time to head out of Bluefin and explore the continent.


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