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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part Sixteen: Sandheim

Updated on April 20, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

Opportunistic thief Jerald has stolen the Voidstone, a relic picked up by Anders in his own chapter. Jerald has no idea what it is, but he suspects it might fetch a pretty penny in nearby Sandheim. Off we go to wealthier markets!

Head towards Sandheim from Jobport and you'll soon run into a slightly mightier foe along the way.

  • Stealy Dan. Another thief! Stealy Dan will, on occasion, try to steal something from your inventory. For this reason it's best to kill him first and foremost. You can steal an Herb from Stealy Dan.

Sandheim sits upon a small lake to the northeast of Jobport. There's plenty to see and do here before you check out the Thieves' Guild.

West Side

  • Next to the entrance is a tent with an ongoing game of Parcheesi. Read the books for some tidbits of info.
  • On the other side of the entrance is your standard item shop. Little of note here.
  • North of the item shop is a weapon shop. There are a few weapons Jerald can't equip, as well as a Shining Dagger for sale. Not a bad buy, but you'll have to spend a fair amount of time killing enemies outside town to afford one.
  • Next to the weapon shop is the armour shop. The Brimmed Hat is an easy buy; Padded Leather Armor is a bit more expensive.
  • Last on this side, in the north, is Sandheim Castle. There will be things to do here later. For now you can talk to people and learn some of the lore of the world.

East Side

There isn't a ton to see in the buildings after you cross the bridge, aside from an Inn that costs 50 gold to use and a church for saving in the north. You may want to pester the Sandheim Guard patrolling the area, who will attack you if you steal from him. Easy enough win, but worth noting anyway. Talk to the people inside the homes if you want more info on Sandheim.

Your ultimate destination is the northeast house. Inside is a row of books. Check the blue books to open a path to the Thieves' Guild. Inside is a bank where you can store your money, and Jerald's niece, Ramona, is waiting for him at one of the tables. Say hello to team member number two!

Talk to the secretary behind the desk after recruiting Ramona. Jerald will reveal his desire to buy passports for himself and Ramona… and they're going to run him a hefty 20,000 gold. Ouch. The secretary assures Jerald that he can get the money by doing jobs for the Thieves' Guild, and unless you want to kill enemies for the entire chapter that's just what you'll have to do.

You have your job: make money. The secretary gives you four different objectives to carry out on the road to making 20,000 gold:

  • Merchants in the north have been lost in the shifting sands near an oasis. Plunder what they've left behind.
  • Unregistered thieves are camped to the west of Sandheim. See to it that they're dealt with.
  • There's a shrine atop Traveller's Mountain that seems to have swallowed up unlucky members of the Thieves' Guild. Find out what happened.
  • Pickpocket people! Mentioned earlier in the walkthrough, Jerald can steal money from people if he approaches them from behind. This will occasionally lead to fights and won't always work, but it's an easy way of getting some cash.
  • Unofficially, you can also earn money the old-fashioned way: killing enemies. Sounds like fun.


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