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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part Twelve: Ogden Backtracking

Updated on April 22, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

Wester is in trouble. The Dark Knight has come to town, and - though it's not yet widely known - he's absconded with Prince Marlon. The prince's brother, Anders, needs to gather information and find out more about a mysterious mark under the castle.... and that means talking to their mom.

You'll emerge from the sewers in Wester. Head into the castle and have a chat with the queen, who's back on her throne. (Maybe Anders should have just waited a few minutes?) Several places are set up as new destinations, though ultimately you're headed for the Cavern of Ice. Not yet, though - Anders is not ready to tackle this trial.

(Also? Chest leaves the party. Boo. Hopefully you took off all that Iron equipment!)

Leave the castle and enter town. It's not much different from when you visited Wester as Ogden, though there's one new location you should be aware of: the Recruiter Station, in the same building as the bank. Here you can pick up two new party members, Casty and Punchy, who can do… pretty much what you'd expect of people with those names. Give Punchy the equipment you took off of Chest to save a fair amount of money.

You now have some choices. If you want you can immediately jump on a ship from the pier and sail to the Cavern of Ice. This is unwise, however, as you're probably not strong enough to cope with the enemies inside. You can also use a ship to head to the Tower of Trials, which is designed precisely for levelling up Anders so he's ready for the Cavern of Ice.

Your third option is to explore the areas that are primarily meant for Ogden, since you're in the same terrain when you leave Wester. This article will cover the lot of them, and what you can find in each.


Aside from some new dialogue, there's nothing remarkable about Lakehaven. Have a look at the weapon and armour shops for cheaper gear if you don't want to go too expensive.

Northern Palace

This spacious dungeon, north of Lakehaven, is a decent place to level up. On the first floor you'll find Rope (central room) and an Herb, Wyvern Powder and Honey Drops (northwest room). In the basement, via the left staircase, you'll find an Antidote (northwest room), an Herb (northern dirt room), 500 gold (southwestern room) a Rope and a Wyvern Powder (central room). Check out the area where you fought the troll as Ogden for a cut scene worth a trophy.

Mountain Cave

This small cave connects Derwent with Westeria. Inside you'll find a Rope, an Herb, a Hammer, and three empty chests. Huh.


There's not a ton to look at in Derwent aside from a new face in the Inn. Inside is a guy called Serpent Diablo (aka Serps - look familiar?) who will join the party when you talk to him. He's another melee fighter, so why not? Can't hurt.

(Note: Make sure you recruit Serps after visiting the Northern Palace. Failing to do so will ruin your chances for getting the aforementioned trophy.)

Desert Cave

This is the small spot where you found the Lantern in Ogden's chapter. All of the chests inside are empty. Don't bother reminiscing over your first dungeon-dive.

That's everything! You've probably gained a few levels, and are better prepared for what lies ahead. In this case, that would be the Tower of Trials. Back to Wester!


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