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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part Twenty-One: Minetown

Updated on April 22, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

The combined might of Woodsy the Woodsman, Ogden, Anders and Ramona were on their way to Tundaria when their ship ran afoul of a mysterious island. Born of endless cubes and oddly stackable, this land screams to be explored. Let's do it!

This chapter begins with Woodsy as your main man, though the entire team follows on his heels. Head north and enter the first building you see. Ogden and Anders will ditch Woodsy to have a nap, though Ramona will come along (and can be left behind if you talk to the woman, Freyaheart, in the house). Now you can explore the rest of the town.


The building next to the rest point for the rest of the team is a flophouse that will cost you 20 gold. Nice and inexpensive.


Doesn't look it, but the building next to the inn is the church. Talk to one of the Testificates to save your game.


North of the church is a building with two different shops inside. One is your standard Item Shop. It’s a good idea to grab a bundle of Herbs and Antidotes while you're here, as you don't currently have a healer on your team. The other is a Crafting Shop with a variety of items. You can use these on the workbenches in the corners of each house (including this one) to create items. Grab two Wooden Sticks and three Stones from this storeowner to create an Axe at the workbench.

Beachside Home

Down on the beach, just north of the dock, is a solitary home with one Testificate inside. He'll (or she'll?) explain what's going on in Minetown, and how one creator called Notch can send the crew on their way… though they'll have to find Notch's magical hat to get out of here. Maybe. Hopefully.

There's another section of town of note: a wall to the north. One of the Testificates here will tell you that there was once an entrance to the caves here, but you'll need an Axe to get through. Use it on the wall and you can enter the Caves Behind-The-House. (We'll get to it later. You can get to it from another entrance as well.)

Go up the path to the left of the beachside home. A Testificate here will tell you of the Cave Behind-The-House, the most dangerous place on the SMP server (whatever that means). This is where most of the action in this chapter takes place…

… and it's also where you'll discover the chapter's rather unique take on your team. Though largely unremarkable in most respects, Woodsy has the odd ability to Capture monsters and install them on your team. The chances of it working are low, and some beasts are stronger than others, but this is nevertheless a fantastic ability that will fill out your team rather nicely.

A few things to keep in mind about captured monsters:

  • Woodsy always seems to go last when capturing. If you're desperate to get something, make sure you don't order everyone to attack at once.
  • Your captured monsters don't gain levels.
  • You can only capture up to your party limit (four). To get more monsters you'll have to drop old ones off back at the first house you visited.
  • You can't capture more than one of a particular species. No repeating the super-strong ones, in other words. (Some of the wording in the game seems to imply otherwise. Feel free to correct me if this is isolated to my game.)
  • Every monster has zero MP, meaning they technically can't use their magic. Sometimes, however, they can use their moves regardless of a lack of MP. This isn't universally true, and may depend on if you're reloading a game with the monster on your team or not. (Can anybody confirm this?)

It's highly recommended that you capture two monsters at the entrance of the Cave before proceeding too far in, and using them a few times to get a good sense of their combat capabilities. Note that you can get three monsters and leave Ramona behind with Ogden and Anders, if you really wish - though Ramona's Power Move is very powerful, and worth keeping. She also levels, unlike the monsters, which leaves room for improvement. (A shame she doesn't still have her other moves.)

Grab a team, test them out, and head deeper inside. The Cave Behind-The-House's deepest recesses await you!


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