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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part Two: Mountain Cave

Updated on April 19, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

Flung to a part of the world about which he seemingly knows naught, Ogden the formerly-heroic is on a mission to save Prince Marlon from the clutches of… somebody. Somebody real bad. All adventures have humble beginnings, though, and first Ogden must travel to the Desert Cave west of Derwent Village to find a lantern. What a pain.

Once Ogden is at a minimum of level 13 and outfitted with the cheapest clothes he can buy (and possibly a Hammer, if you feel like splurging), head into the cave in the west. You'll be facing your first dungeon. Its inhabitants are mercifully identical to those outside the cave, minus the Mister Lizards.

You come in at an intersection of sorts. Down the west path is a treasure chest containing 25 gold. Down the east path is another chest, this one containing an Herb. Open both and wander north. Atop a pedestal here is a third chest containing the Lantern. Yay! That was easy. (Though why was it in a chest? Suspicious.)

Return the Lantern to the woodsman in his cottage. A few questions later, he'll point Ogden to Castle Wester in the north - and give you back the Lantern so you can navigate the Mountain Cave. Sounds good, even if the man is a kook.

Head north to the Mountain Cave, set into the long line of dark grey peaks. You'll quickly discover that it's home to some potent monsters, even if you've been grinding:

  • Mister Lizards and Bashful Bats are the weakest of the bunch. You know how to beat them by now.
  • Bloody Skeletons are powerful warriors that will flat-out hit Ogden hard. If you have it, Blastios will mash this thing, though you shouldn't be too fast to use up your MP on single enemies. The cave isn't long, but wasting MP is unwise.
  • The Walking Deads are undead abominations with a lot of HP and the capacity to inflict poison status. An Antidote can save Ogden's butt. Again, Blastios works well on 'em, though at a significant MP cost.
  • Blood Suckers are possibly the most dangerous bad guys you'll encounter here. They're a little too evasive for your good. Use Blastios to bring them down. Fortunately, they're also somewhat rare.

The cave begins with a split in the path. Head west and you'll find two treasure chests, one with an Antidote and the other with an Herb. Return to the east and keep following the path to another split; the passage that leads south will take you to a chest with 30 gold, while the north goes… north.

Curve around the pool of water ahead to find a chest containing a Hammer. (Still worth it to buy one earlier.) Return to the main path and continue north. To the west is another pool of water; flanking it are two chests containing a Rope and an Antidote. Far to the east of here is the exit of the cave.

You're out! That wasn't bad at all, and with a nearby town back on the world map you have an easy place to fall back on if you plan on using the cave to grind out levels. Head north to your next destination, the scenic Lakehaven!


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