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Dragon Nest Gold Farming Guide

Updated on November 13, 2012
Gold Bunny in Dark Overlord Tower
Gold Bunny in Dark Overlord Tower | Source


Finally you're now level 40 and you need new dungeons to farm with. Yet, the new dungeons are significantly long and tiresome, with some even involving mazes and puzzles. But hey, there's still dungeons you can finish fast and still give you a lot of gold in return. Where? Well, this is all this guide is all about.

This dragon nest gold farming guide however is meant for level 40 players. If you're level is below 40 I suggest you read the earlier guide (Hardcore Dungeon Farming) posted in the link below this hub.

To give you an overview of the dungeons to run, a table of pros and cons is here for you.


Since the implementation of the fatigue system, it is advisable to farm only those maps with huge O. agate drops and profitable boss drops (Fire Runes etc...). Remember to farm at master difficulty using least 3 characters. (Yep, your own. They can be leveled up pretty easy anyway)

If ever you don't want making new characters, you can still opt for master-apprentice.

  • Cons
  1. Harder to finish (12+ mins. solo)

Dark Overlord Tower / Nameless Tyrant Tomb Abyss

  • Pros:
  1. Abyss boss loots price 35g+
  2. Magic Grade Gifts from D.bunnies
  3. Epic / Rare intermediate codes
  4. Level 40 rare equips
  5. Royal Chests and Gold Bunnies
  6. 1 g guild commission quest prize

  • Cons
  1. No ordinary jewels on royal chests
  2. No dimensional bunnies
  3. Low guild commission quest prize
  4. No epic intermediate codes

Forsaken Islet Core Master

  • Pros:
  1. HUGE O.agate drops
  2. Rare intermediate codes
  3. Level 40 rare equips
  4. Normal grade gifts
  5. Faster to run (5-8 mins)

I will no longer elaborate the how you could farm these said dungeons for gold as the guide already did so. Anyway you can also look for other places to farm with (level 32-40) dungeons at master difficulty and it will still yield good Ordinary Agate drops. (Example, you can farm Nameless Tyrant Tomb Master for O. Agates)

The full guide (along with other useful Dragon Nest Guides) can be read here:

Dragon Nest Level 40 Dungeon Farming Guide

These dungeons take too much time to finish? Check this guide out:


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      febz 4 years ago

      haiz waiting for update lvl 60 okey nyahahahahahahaha :D

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      DonaCks 5 years ago

      if im lvl 50 what dungeon am i entering?