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Dragon Nest Money Making Guide

Updated on July 31, 2012

Basic Steps to become wealthy


Hey guys I (ButtHaiR) made this blog to help all of you (dragonnest players) to become richer and spent your time wisely while playing. I have made many videos trying to help you guys make money yet i still receive many message asking me how to make money still. So Im going to explain as much details on this blog on how to make money as much as possible.

Little things that helps

having multiple computer/laptop really helps in mmorpg games, that way if you don't have a guild storage where you can transfer item back and forth between characters, having at least two computer would be helpful. But not only for trading purpose, it can also help yourself level along with making money.

For example, while i was leveling my alt characters (2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc chars), i came across gold boxes where both my characters got a plate in one run and that is a huge reward because instead of farm epic plate one by one, you can farm them two at a time. Also sometimes you can get useless skill plates but having two characters running at the same time improve that chance where you can get better plates.

Another example, having two computer can really help you level and get capped level fastest time possible. The faster you capped your level, the more characters you have to make money with. Having more characters capped can get you more weekly runs such as Nest and Chaos Rift, which also leads to huge amount of money/gold.

Below is an example of cheap laptops/ computer where you can play mmorpg games and give you huge advantage

Step by Step

1. Multiple Characters

reason: it is important to have multiple characters in order to make money because the limited listing of each character so if you have multiple characters than you can have more listing

having multiple characters
having multiple characters

2. Know your Market

reason: before you farm make sure you check the MP (marketplace) to see the price of materials that you are going to farm, for example say tomb of spite and village are the two maps your comfortable doing. so you would check rune fire and wisp stone in MP and if the price is close than you do where ever is fastest for you but if u see a significant difference in price than do the dungeon that gives you the higher price

3. Do All your weekly runs before farming dungeons

reason: your weekly runs are easy and its your money bank,

Chaos Rift ~ this should be your first constant gold income each week (each fragment is around 30g in Argenta Server + materials from lvl 32 + lvl 40 ) After you do all 7 of them you can roughly make 700g to 1k gold

Nest Runs ~ this is highly suggested because it can be a surprising reward, also I recommend running with the same group of people each week that way you can decide who gets what materials/drops. For Example, my friend Cody and I run each week sometimes just two of us and sometimes we include guild members. We Split epic plates depending who needs what and if we both already have or don't need the item than we sell and split the profit. I SUGGEST THAT YOU RUN WITH SOMEONE WHO ARE DIFFERENT CLASS THAN YOU AND SOMEONE YOU CAN TRUST

Hell Mode ~ Hell mode is very different because it is very hard to split the profit and all there is to get its epic accessories. Usually you would also need more people to finish hell mode so what I do is run with 3 people (again within people that i trust) and regular epic accessories is divided depending on who needs and if manti/apoc accessories drops than we sell and split profit unless you and your party can agree on something else

As you can see I collect materials that I need from manti/apoc and he has whatever he needs
As you can see I collect materials that I need from manti/apoc and he has whatever he needs

4. Now that you got your weeklies out of the way YOU CAN START FARMING DUNGEONS

reason: farming dungeons is the most simple way to make money from selling drops you get from dungeons.

things to look out for: you need to find couple dungeons where you are comfortable running and need to test out which is best for you. Two things that you need to test is TIME and QUANTITY of drops


Forsaken Village: this dungeon has lot of monster that spawn quickly and it can be overwhelm by number of monster coming at you at once. So which that being said, classses with high power and high Armor would be best for this

Best: Mercenary, Ele, and even Mystic would be a very good choice to run this because Merc and Ele have constant Super Armor to withstand the knockbacks and Mystic is a very good crow control class where they can use time stop and huge AOE combos

Average: Priest, Acro, SS would do fine in village because archers have lot of evasion so monster wouldn't jug them and for priest, priest got good aoe moves but if you are caught in a wrong spot than priest can get jugs by groups of monster which would be annoying

Drops: After you're done farming things you should look forward to sell is materials (such as wisp, tumor, fire rune, etc), plates (only rare plates that are useful is ultimate for right now ), average lust (such as onyx, ruby, etc)

Master OR Abyss?: Don't know what to run dungeon's difficulties on? well this is all depends on the player and how fast they do it. For example,

Abyss: running on abyss will obviously take longer to farm but the reward can be tasty. It could make you rich way faster than running on master. But that is a gamble because running on abyss can only get you materials and dimensional fragments but fragments can eventually get you plates that is if you decides to get them (if your a warrior i HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to get lvl 16 epic pouch from Stashy or Bailey because if you get side kick, its worth about 5k gold) other than that, the only reason people would run abyss is for epic sparks but that is not the only way to get epic sparks. YOU CAN ALSO GET EPIC SPARKS FROM RUNNING MASTER =) (read below)

Master: running on master is a steady way to have income of gold. because master often drops average onyx and gifts as well as other goodies. If you are a person would constantly looking for gold I recommend you to run your dungeons on master. Also as i mention before, running on master can easily get you epic sparks as well because you get tons of gifts from drops. But gifting the wrong person can be troublesome, if you are looking for epic sparks, you should be gifting people in the royal court section (everyone in the castle + irine and tara (person in man ridge)) You have to gift them smartly for example, there is a purple flower where you can gift either stella or tara. Well if you need sparks than i suggest you gifting it to tara instead because tara is royal court and stella is free adventurer. You would need only 400 points in royal court to get one epic/ quality sparks from honest Ed.

after i finish getting spark or what ever i need i start saving up points for next level cap
after i finish getting spark or what ever i need i start saving up points for next level cap

5. Starting Collecting Comet Dust and Sun Powder

reason: After you have been doing things above and having constant income, next step is to start improving your gear so you can make money FASTER and maybe even make more money.

What is Comet Dust and Sun Powder for?: comet dust its materials where you get after you finish nest run or from extracting gears. How can you spent them? Well you can either sell them or get geode codes to improve your equipment. You head to any blacksmith than hit trade and hit the Geode tap on the side. Than you well see +7 to +10 spiral and vortex geodes and +11 to +14 spiral and vortex. Well i recommend getting spiral if you started making money and but if you have leftover money start going for +11 to +14. That is totally up to the player and how they want to spent it on.

Spiral: spiral geode does not directly bring you to +10 or whatever. In order to use spiral geode you have to meet the requirements and the requirements are easy to understand. For example, if you have a +8 spiral geode than your requirement to use that geode is to have a +7 that way you can applied the +8 into the +7 and turn it into +8.

Vortex: vortex geode can directly bring you to the enhancement it says on the code. For example, if you have a +10 weapon geode than you can just buy any weapon and applied the vortex geode then it would automatically enhance your item into the enhancement.

6. Advanced way to make money

Enhancing your WEAPON to +13 is the most profitable way to make money if you are LUCKYYYY!!!! I say that because by having a +13 weapon can roughly make you around 10k gold to 200k gold assuming that comet tail (10000 comet dust) is worth around 10k gold. Many people do not know that extracting +13 weapons can get you comet tails. But making +13 weapons can be costly so I'll leave that up to you to decide whether you want to gain money using this method.

+13 level 32 rare weapon = 1 comet tails

+13 level 40 rare weapon = 4 comet tails

+13 level 40 epic weapon = 20 comet tails

7. Sell Nexon

If you are working many hours a week and don't have time to farming or do anything of the things above. Than selling nexon is not a bad idea because say you get $9 an hour and if you farm for an hour straight, you will get more gold from selling nexon than actually farming. In my experiences with buying nexon, I have gotten nexon from 300g to 400g for every 1000 nexon.

10k nexon = 3k to 4k gold

25k nexon = 7.5k to 10k gold

There is all my ways to make money if you have any questions or how i can improve this blog, you can comment below, contact me on youtube (

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    • profile image

      Crounch 5 years ago

      Sm825, They ruined maplestory COMPLETELY with the meso value changing A lot. Fortunatly it's not anything that has happened to Dragon nest as Dragon nest has a balanced system.

      And ViSiioNGaMinG. Greate guide indeed. It's much appriciated!

    • sm825 profile image

      sm825 5 years ago from The Uknown

      I was thinking about playing Dragon nest as it looks rather interesting, but I would like to know is the gold value ruined like mesos are in Maplestory? I heard that 500m-1billion mesos is not worth much in maple story. If it is not deflated like it is in Maple story I will probably download Dragon nest soon.

    • profile image

      dn name :( v4nZz 5 years ago

      nexon i did not get ur post plsss give me gold im in springwood name:v4nZz plsss.. :'( im so poor my item is only troll ! no +

    • profile image

      HelloThereSSS 5 years ago

      Omg I had like 300g yesterday and today I have 1.5kg. Ty for your info. :)

    • profile image

      asd 5 years ago

      potang ina

    • profile image

      Dome 5 years ago

      Will Cherry Credits DN Sea Accept Karma Koin

    • ViSiioNGaMinG profile image

      ViSiioNGaMinG 5 years ago

      yea cc = nx

    • profile image

      force user fan 5 years ago

      Nexon? what is it? i don't get it, is it a CC purchase????

    • ViSiioNGaMinG profile image

      ViSiioNGaMinG 5 years ago

      =) haha ty ty

    • profile image

      VeechNukeYah 5 years ago

      Love this :D

      I'm feeling for confident in my farming now. Muahahaha!

    • profile image

      iKillPhags 5 years ago

      Thanks dude great guide, keep up the good work!

    • profile image

      ItsJoshBitch! 5 years ago

      Beautiful :'D

    • ViSiioNGaMinG profile image

      ViSiioNGaMinG 5 years ago

      for lvl 40 spiral is 975 if i rememeber correctly and 2000 for lvl 40 vortex

    • profile image

      keinto 5 years ago

      dang 20 x 10,000= 200,000 comet dust i only have 1000. how many dust's do i need to get at least +10 epic geodes?