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Dragon Nest Leveling Guide

Updated on January 10, 2012
DOTC Partying
DOTC Partying | Source

Level 1-8

Leveling at this cap is primarily quest based. Run dungeons that are required in the main story line. You’ll be running dungeons (primarily solo) simply because it’s still easy. Just follow the main quests and do a bit of side quests and soon you’ll be smooth sailing all throughout.

Level 9 -16

At level 9, Calderock Village and its surrounding dungeons will be available for you. Skip those quest, it will be a lot easier later. Go to Calderock village find a bunny hunting party, one that recruits lowbies for bunny farming (A party with one character that makes a level gap of 9+ with you) then grind Sigh Canyon abyss like crazy.

Level 16-24

Change map to Dark Tower Magic Institute abyss. Again simply look for a party in calderock village that looks for a lowbie within level 16-24+ then grind (bunny farm) this dungeon like crazy once again. You'll be surprised to see how fast you'll level (around 10% / run).

Level 24-32

Starting from this level cap things are going to be rougher and rougher. Try Sanctuary Core Bunny Farm. Get guild commission board quests, side, and primary quests. The best dungeon to grind at this level cap aside from bunny farm runs would be the Dark Overlord Keep.

Don't forget to do the primary quests so you could proceed to Saint Haven.

Level 32-40

Do Dark Overlord Training Camp Master. Guild commission quests at 200k+ / run. This will be your primary EXP source. Leveling at this cap takes about 1-2 days when played hardcore. Also, each run only last for 2-4 minutes.

The whole guide can be read here:

Dragon Nest Leveling Guide


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