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Dragon Story - Arena Fighting - Proper Dragon Combination Secrets

Updated on May 26, 2015

Dragon Story

Dragon story is yet another interesting application game, made for both apple devices and mobile platforms (androids etc) . This game belongs to TeamLava company and it is included into "story" game collection, among with Farm Story, Bakery Story, Fashion Story and etc..

As with every story game this application is free to download and play, but once you have started you will be given an option that allows you to buy "Gold" (to spend real money) in order to boost your level and in order to buy rare dragons. (None is obligated to spend real money as you can play it completely for free).

The concept of the game is quiet simple and easy to play. You are given an island and 3 basic dragons to begin with. You need to build, expand and clear territory in order to be able to host more than just 3 dragons.

In app purchases

  • 120 Gold for 4.49 euro
  • 250 Gold for 8.89 euro
  • 530 Gold for 17.99 euro
  • 1400 Gold for 44.99 euro
  • 2900 Gold for 89.99 euro

Sometimes Teamlava offers 30% Sale

Breeding Dragons - Dragon Story

In a process of playing you need to buy a breeding den. This breeding den has heart shape and it allows you to combine 2 basic dragons and breed them into 3rd different one (hybrid). Each dragon has it's own color, so when combining different colors you will have a chance to obtain interesting and most of times different hybrids. For example if you breed;

Red Dragon (fire dragon) and Yellow Dragon (air dragon) you might get any hybrid dragon that has both colors.

  • Firestorm Dragon
  • Eagle Dragon
  • Scorpion Dragon
  • Honeybee Dragon

Hybrids ( red and yellow)

All dragons can be obtained via breeding process except the Clockwork Dragon
All dragons can be obtained via breeding process except the Clockwork Dragon | Source


In order to be able to have many dragons on your island you need a place-building to host them. While checking out the market tab of the game you will find a section called Habitats. Taping on that section will open a window with possible habitats for your dragons. Each dragon has specific habitat (depend on color of dragon) and each simple habitat can host up to 3 dragons.

As with almost all Story games, you will be given a choice to decorate your island with specific decorations that Teamlava provides. You can build castles , place flowers and do much more in order to make your island more personal. You will be asked to make friends/neighbors within the game. You will be able to visit each other and leave comments. Each day every player has a choice to send 3 pieces of gold to any 3 friends (one gold per friend/neighbor), which automatically means that player can receive free gold him/herself as well.

When growing your dragons, you need to pass them through the process of evolving (3stages) until the last 10th lvl which is epic level.

The purpose of the game is to be able to breed different type of rare and ultra rare dragons. The game itself is interesting and quiet relaxing. You will definitely enjoy it.

Arena Fighting Correct Dragon Combinations - Dragon Story

Game Dragon
Your Dragon
Forest Dragon
Red Type Dragons
Water Dragon
Air Type Dragons
Dark Type Dragons
Red Type Dragons
Ruby dragon
Crusader Dragon ( any diamond should do)
Dark Angel-Bat-Dino-Goblin
Tiny-Angel-Black Swan-Bubble-Dino
Big Bad
Lotus-Jade-Goblin-Night Elf-Virgo
Dream-Ice Cream-Aether-Clown
Jade-Dark Angel-Onyx-Troll-Lotus
Dark Angel
Diamond Type
Jade-Big Bad-Lotus-Onyx
Night Elf
Diamond Type
Diamond Type

TeamLava - Dragon Story - poll

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    • SAM ELDER profile imageAUTHOR

      SAM ELDER 

      3 years ago from Home

      Holly, Yes lately they have changed the algorithm. I had success in breeding diamond dragon by using wizard and fairy dragon. Try it out

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Well actually I have bred two clockwork dragons via the breeding process soo it can be done

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Interesting Heaven and Hell video!


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