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DragonBall Xenoverse 2(Transformations so far.)

Updated on July 19, 2016

So as you all know, DB XV2, the sequel to Dragonball Xenoverse is coming out. And recently, there's been a surge of hypeness focused around this AAA titled fighting game. So we're going to discuss the transformations throughout the CAC races that's been spotted so far. First up, character transformations varying with different races. So it's been confirmed that apparently, every race will now have a transformation, and that it won't be solely based nor focused on JUST the Saiyan race. So far we've seen SSJ3 CAC, Kid Buu transformation for the Majins, and Golden form for the Arcosians. What's bothering about this is that there's no variety with the Majin race when it comes to transforming into a Kid Buu, it's just a color change. Nothing unique about it, so online I assume that everyone's just going to transform into different colored Kid Buus, which isn't as exciting. Now, the SSJ3 addon is exciting, something we've been demanding for quite awhile, but since the Arcosians were given a Golden form, they're basically Godlike, and whether you'd admit it or not, the Saiyans WILL be their peasants in the game since they've been given this OP transformation. It hasn't been confirmed that Saiyans would be given SSJ God/Blue, so for now Arcosians have the upper hand. They've not shown the transformations for Namekians nor Humans, actually I don't even know what in the world they're going to do with humans. Let's face it, Humans are looked down upon. But it's been a said that they'd be given the mystic ability or Potential unlock. Now, for the Namekians, we're sure as Hell excited for them. If any of you keep up with the fanmade Dragonball Absalon series (Shout out To Mellaveli!) You've seen the Super Namekian form. I hope that's something they'll add for the Nameks, we don't know yet, but time will tell and we'll see.


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